University-wide Research Center

  • $48 Million R&D portfolio ($23.5-M new grants, FY-2016)
  • 100+ Faculty and 250-300 Graduate Student Researchers

Dedicated to improving energy technology research, development, and implementation, including:


Delivery and Infrastructure


Materials and Storage


Education and Training

Summary of Selected New Research Grants Awarded in 2016

Energy GRID Institute Partnership - Equipment In-Kind Contribution

  • Sponsors: Eaton
  • Partners/Collaborators: Eaton, Gregory Reed (ECE Dept.)

Nanoscale Silicon Architectures for Stable Lithium Ion Anode

  • Sponsors: DOE-PNNL
  • Partners/Collaborators: Pitt-Chemistry Dept. Prashant Kumta (Chem E Dept.)

Pittsburgh District Energy Initiative

  • Sponsors: RK Mellon Foundation
  • Partners/Collaborators: City of Pittsburgh, Department of Energy, Gregory Reed (ECE Dept.)

NSF CAREER: Statistical Design of Hierarchical Metal Structures for High Performance, Flexible Solar Cells

  • Sponsors: NSF
  • Partners/Collaborators: Paul Leu (IE Dept.)

A New Approach to Explore the Semiconductor-to-Metal Phase Transition in Two-Dimensional (2D) Crystals Using Ionomers

  • Sponsors: NSF-DMR-EPM
  • Partners/Collaborators: Susan Fullerton (Chem E Dept.), Eric Beckman (Chem E Dept.)

Multi-Stage and Multi-Timescale Robust Co-Optimization Planning for Reliable and Sustainable Power Systems

  • Sponsors:
  • Partners/Collaborators: University of Pittsburgh, University of Chicago, Bo Zeng (IE Dept.)

Self-Organization Mechanisms within Magma-Driven Dyke and Hydraulic Fracture Swarms

  • Sponsors: NSF Geophysics
  • Partners/Collaborators: Professor Alexander Cruden, School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Bunger (Civil & Environmental Dept.)

SMALE: Enhancing Scalability of Machine Learning Algorithms on Extreme Scale Computing Platforms

  • Sponsors: Department of Energy
  • Partners/Collaborators: Yiran Chen (ECE Dept.)

Energy GRID Institute Partnership – Equipment In-Kind Contribution and Research Collaboration

  • Sponsors: Dominion-Virginia Power
  • Partners/Collaborators: Dominion-Virginia Power, Gregory Reed (ECE Dept.)

Improving Energy Reliability by Co-Optimization Planning for Interdependent Electricity and Natural Gas Infrastructure Systems

  • Sponsors: NSF
  • Partners/Collaborators: Bo Zeng (IE Dept.)

Engineering Approaches to Dendrite Free Lithium Anodes

  • Sponsors: Department of Energy
  • Partners/Collaborators: PNNL, Prashant Kumta (Chem E Dept.)

Multifunctional Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion

  • Sponsors: University of Pittsburgh SSOE (startup funds)
  • Partners/Collaborators:  James McKone (Chem E Dept.), John Keith (Pitt); Venkat Viswanathan (CMU)

Solar Flow Batteries for Dispatchable Solar Electricity

  • Sponsors: University of Pittsburgh SSOE (startup funds)
  • Partners/Collaborators: James McKone (Chem E Dept.)

Develop and Integrate a DC HVAC System to an Existing DC Microgrid DoD Installation

  • Sponsors: Department of Defense – Environmental Security Technology Certification Program
  • Partners/Collaborators: Robert Bosch, Carrier, Emerson, Brandon Grainger (ECE Dept.), Gregory Reed (ECE Dept.)

Unraveling Heterocycle-Promoted Hydride Transfer Mechanisms for Energetically Efficient Fuel and A Computational Approach for Optimizing Metal-Free Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers 

  • Sponsors: American Chemical Society – Petroleum Research Fund
  • Partners/Collaborators: D. Lambrecht (Chemistry Dept.)

Petrochemical Production

  • Sponsors: American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund
  • Partners/Collaborators: ACS, John Keith (Chem E Dept.)

Quantifying the Effect of Solvation on Anticorrosive Coatings (BAA-N00173- 04)

  • Sponsors: Naval research laboratory
  • Partners/Collaborators: Naval Research Laboratory, John Keith (Chem E Dept.)

β- Ga2O3 Nanoelectronics: A Path to a Sustainable Semiconductor Technology for High Efficiency Electricity Conversion from Renewables

  • Sponsors: Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation 2016 Seed Grant Program
  • Partners/Collaborators: William E. Stanchina (ECE Dept.)