Investigation of Electrochemically Active-Inactive Nanocomposites Generated via Direct In-situ Chemical Reduction

Investigation of Electrochemically Active – Inactive Nanocomposites Generated via Direct In-situ Chemical Reduction
The project relates to the generation of nanostructured electrochemically active nanomaterials via directchemical reduction of oxide precursors following chemical or mechanochemical reduction processes. Thedirect synthesis approach results in the formation of nanoparticles of the electrochemically activematerials demonstrating specific capacity as high as 2000 mAh/g at 0.05mA/g. At very high currents of2A/g, the system shows a capacity as high as 800mAh/g showing considerable promise. Pitt researchersare engaged in synthesis and development of the novel electrochemically active systems. The projectinvolves collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at Richland, Washington. Otherpotential industrial partners that have interest in the research and technology are Kurt J. Lesker and FordMotor Company. Kurt J. Lesker is interested in utilizing the technology for advanced materials forcellular applications.