Partnerships and Collaborations



The Center for Energy continues to be in a strong position to expand and cultivate industry and community partnerships and collaborations.  While there have been many successful partnerships established to-date – such as those with Eaton, Westinghouse, and Consol Energy – many more have been forged over the past several years with regional, national, and global organizations, including companies such as ABB, ANSYS, Duquesne Light, FirstEnergy, Mitsubishi Electric, Pitt-Ohio Express , Siemens, and others.


We expect not only to grow existing partnerships with the organizations that we already have developed excellent programs with, such as those mentioned above, but also to develop many new collaborations.  By planning the EIC with the flexibility to work successfully with industry, as highlighted previously in part of the EIC section of this report and Appendix B, the Center can engage in a greater range of activities that can lead to larger projects and programs.  This will be an important element of truly carrying out our mission as a leader in the region, as we continue to strengthen the Pittsburgh region’s role as a national leader for energy development.  In addition, coordinating larger multi-organizational opportunities with industry, government sponsors, and community partners will be another focus of the Center’s reach and potential going forward.  


Several examples of industry and community partnerships from 2015 activities are highlighted in this section, including Pittsburgh District Energy Initiative, the Duquesne Light Co. partnership, the DC-AMPS Program, and the Pitt-Ohio Express Inc. Renewable DC Microgrid Project.

Our Partnerships and Collaborations