Dr. Reed on Grid Security

Dr. Reed on the closing of Three Mile Island


Dr Reed Speaking at MIT


"Dr. Greg Reed discusses the importance of the legacy in contributing to sustainability."

Dr. Greg Reed recently joined the Pennsylvania Environmental Council's podcast "PA legacy's" to discuss sustainable energy and the need to continue protecting PA's power legacy to contribute towards efficiency gains.  Highlighting the progress and success of Pitt's current research  portfolio, Reed discusses how innovation in the Pitt power labs is helping the next generation's Tesla-like innovations.

City of Pittsburgh District Energy Program, Video Promotion and Interview – Benedem Hall EPSL, Pittsburgh PA, Aug. 9, 2016




NBC WPXI TV Pittsburgh Our Region's Business – Jan. 3, 2016 

Interview with Bill Flanagan on new partnerships with Duquesne Light for electric power technologies and microgrids and with the Henry L. Hillman Foundation on the DC-AMPS program. 



Peyman Givi

Peyman Givi, mechanical engineering, discusses how his research aims to create a more fuel-efficient engine design, which he works on by simulating internal combustion using Pitt's Center for Simulation and Modeling and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

William Harbert

William Harbert, geophysics, discusses how Pitt's Center for Energy, the Center for Simulation and Modeling, and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center provide a powerhouse that aides his research on CO2 sequestration.

Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson, chemical and petroleum engineering, describes how he uses computer simulation and modeling to find a material that will rapidly absorb carbon dioxide at a low cost, and how Pitt's collaborations with the National Energy Technology Laboratory and access to the Center for Simulation and Modeling and Pittsburgh Super Computing Center help make his research possible.

Gregory Reed

Gregory Reed, electrical engineering, talks about Pitt's research on smart grid technologies and our partnerships with industry leaders such as Eaton Corporation, Westinghouse Corporation, and CONSOL.

David Waldeck

David Waldeck, chemistry, explains how his research on solar cells using nanotechnology may make solar cells more widely accessible someday.

Brian Gleeson

Brian Gleeson, mechanical engineering and materials science.

Jeffrey Vipperman

Jeffrey Vipperman, mechanical engineering.

Kenneth Sochats

Kenneth Sochats, industrial engineering.