University-wide Research Center

  • $48 Million R&D portfolio ($23.5-M new grants, FY-2016)
  • 100+ Faculty and 250-300 Graduate Student Researchers

Dedicated to improving energy technology research, development, and implementation, including:

  • Resources
  • Delivery and Infrastructure
  • Utilization
  • Materials and Storage
  • Markets
  • Education and Training

2016 Center for Energy Highlights 

$47.6 million total University energy-related research portfolio

$23.5 million in new University energy-related research grants 

Established the Energy GRID Institute at the Energy Innovation Center (EIC) 

$5.1 million in in-kind equipment/sponsored programs for the Energy GRID Institute

$9.0 million of investments in Phase I construction for energy labs and facilities at the EIC

Sponsored 8 RK Mellon graduate student research (GSR) fellowships

Recruited and placed 5 new Center for Energy staff personnel in key positions

Expanded the certificate programs in power, nuclear, and safety engineering 

Hosted 6 major university-based energy conferences and symposia

Hosted 2 major US Department of Energy meetings and workshops

Sponsored several regional K-12 STEM events, including PJAS and PRSEF

Engaged in 15 city/regional district energy initiatives and projects

Formed the Tri-State University Energy (TrUE) Alliance among Pitt, Case Western, CMU, WVU

Supported 2 PROMAG (Preparation of Major Grants) efforts

Financed other capital investments (including cost-share) for campus-based labs and major equipment