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So you want to be an Entrepreneur?


  • BUSERV 1985: Small Business Management (Spring)
  • BUSMKT 1040: Introduction to Marketing (Fall/Spring/Summer)
  • BSPP 2111: Commercializing New Technologies (Fall/Summer – requires permission by instructor)
  • IE 1052: Manufacturing Systems Analysis (Spring)
  • IE 1039: Entrepreneurship for Engineers (Spring – requires permission by instructor)
  • ENGR 1060: Social Entrepreneurship – Engineering for Humanity (Fall)
  • ChE 214: Introduction to Chemical Product Design (Spring – For ChE students only)
  • ChE 314: Taking Products to Market – Next Step in Chemical Product Design (Fall – requires permission by instructor)
  • MEMS 0024: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design (Fall - For MEMS students only)
  • ENGR 1050: Product Realization or ENGR 1610: Product Realization for Global Opportunities (Fall / Spring / Summer)
  • ChE 414: Chemical Product Prototyping (Fall; For Chemical Engineering students; Permission by instructor necessary)

SSoE Co-Curricular Activities  

  • SSoE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community Boot Camp 
  • SSoE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academic Year Challenges 
  • Other activities coming soon…. 

University of Pittsburgh Opportunities  

Regional Opportunities  

Opportunities at Other University Campuses