Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Diversity Committee
Engineering Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC)

Current Members:

Swanson School of Engineering

Dr. Judith Yang, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering - Committee Chair

Dr. Sylvanus Wosu, Associate Dean for Diversity (ex-officio)

Dr. Mary Besterfield-Sacre, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ex-officio)

Dr. Alaine Allen, Director, K-12 Outreach and Community Engagement and Investing Now (ex-officio)

Ms. Yvette Moore, Director, EXCEL (ex-officio)

Ms. Cheryl Paul, Director, Freshman Program (ex-officio)



Dr. Steven Abramowitch - Bioengineering

Dr. Jonathan Vande Geest - Bioengineering

Dr. Judith Yang - Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Dr. John Keith - Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Melissa Bilec - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Luis Vallejo - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Natasa Miskov-Zivanov - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Sam Dickerson - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Ravi Shankar - Industrial Engineering

Dr. Mostafa Bedewy - Industrial Engineering

Dr. Jeffrey Vipperman - Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

Dr. Katherine Hornbostel - Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

Committee Members - Diversity Policy and Practice

(a) Studying and recommending policies for the operation of the office, programming for the students, faculty, and staff
(b) Educational Awareness: Promoting programs which build individual awareness and understanding of diversity related issues among students, staff, and faculty.
(c) Supporting activities and events which acknowledge and celebrate diversity across the school/School community.
(d) Program Review-The EDAC assists EOD in conducting an annual evaluation of the impact of diversity programs in the departments and school as a whole
(e) A credible voice on diversity matters for the school within a positive but pragmatic framework

The Role of EDAC Members

  • Provide advice to the Associate Dean for diversity on diversity matters with respect to the units they represent.
  • Receive and review diversity progress reports from each unit of the school.
  • Serve as an advocate for diversity agenda for the School.
  • Provide support to the Associate Dean for diversity in implementing diversity mission for the School.
  • Ensure that the units they represent are fully informed of the diversity development across the School. This is best done by monthly briefing to the department chairs.
  • Lead diversity initiatives for the unit they represent. Ensure that each unit translates the School-wide Strategic Diversity Plan into action plan.
  • Ensure that the diversity initiatives of their units are in harmony with the School direction as defined by the Strategic Diversity Action Plan.
  • Attend a term meeting or ensure that someone attends on your behalf.
  • Role of the Associate Dean for diversity - Serve as the chief diversity officer for the School.
  • Implement the School Diversity Plan and monitor implementation progress.
  • Brief the Senior Associate Dean/Dean on School-wide diversity matters.
  • Work with unit and division leaders to ensure effective implementation of their action plans.
  • Keep the EDAC well informed of diversity matters so that EDAC can provide effective advice.
  • Promote School image with respect to diversity initiatives.
  • Solicit resources to support implementation of diversity initiatives.
  • Serve as the diversity educator for the campus.
  • Provide overall coordination for all diversity initiatives for the School.

The Role of the EDAC Chair

  • Ensure that the EDAC meets regularly, at least once a term.
  • Work with EOD in planning EDAC agenda and meetings.
  • Conduct all EDAC meeting.
  • Ensure that each meeting is productive and focused.
  • Brief the Dean on the effectiveness of the Committee and on diversity matters.
  • Communicate regularly with the Office of the Associate Dean for diversity.
  • Ensure that the EDAC manages its resources wisely and performs its functions effectively.