Sustainability Awards

The Pitt Sustainability Awards program aims to recognize Pitt faculty, staff and students who are making an extraordinary impact on campus sustainability.

We want to recognize and celebrate the many individuals on campus who are committed to making Pitt’s campus and academic programs as sustainable as possible. These individuals could have demonstrated their impact through a variety of ways including generating awareness, implementing projects or catalyzing new initiatives in education, research or practice.


Faculty catagory
Dr. Dan Bain, Geology and Environmental Science

Student category
Alyssa Martinec, Political Science 

Staff category (2)
Rich Heller, Facilities Management
Nick Goodfellow, Dining

Group catagory
Food Recovery Heroes


Faculty category
Ward Allebach, MSES, Geology & Environmental Science 
Jacob Bethem, MSPhil, adjunct faculty, Pitt Greensburg
Student category
Naomi Anderson, civil and environmental engineering 
Anna Greenberg, environmental studies 

Student Group category

University of Thriftsburgh 
Group Category
Surplus Property


Faculty category

Dr. Walter Carson, biological sciences

Staff category
Elizabeth Tiedemann, student services at Pitt, Greensburg

Student category (2 co-recipients)
Troy Salvatore, civil and environmental engineering
Sage Lincoln, urban studies & environmental geology

Group category
Student Computing Services Team, CSSD

The review committee consists of the following individuals who make recommendations to the Provost for final decisions.

Melissa Bilec, Associate Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Deputy Director, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Gena Kovalcik, Codirector, Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Erika Ninos, Sustainability Program Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs
Troy Salvatore, Student Intern, Student Office of Sustainability (2016-2017 awards committee)
Joe Streets, Student Intern, Student Office of Sustainability (2015-2016 awards committee)
Laura Zullo, Senior Manager, Utilities and Sustainability



Mascaro Center

Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering
153 Benedum Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

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