EfH Checklist

1. Schedule a preliminary meeting with an Engineering for Humanity committee member.  See List

2. Submit Application with a  Plan of Study
* Plan of Study Approved

3. Complete Intent to Support Form.  View Form
*Intent to Support Form confirmed by Faculty Advisor
*Intent to Support Form confirmed by Community Partner

4. Service Learning Proposal Submitted.  Example Project Provided
* Service Learning Proposal Approved

5. Pre-Project concept map meeting

6. Submission of final project report to advisor, community partner and MCSI

7. Post project concept map meeting

8. Request for EfH Certificate

9. Provide transcript to MCSI office confirming completion of required courses & minimum GPA


Engineering for Humanity Certificate


Faculty Committee

How To Apply

Certificate Checklist

Mascaro Center

Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering
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