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Global Co-ops and Internships

Global Co-ops and Internships

The Office of Experiential Learning & Professional Engagement (ELPE) offers co-op and internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students for professional work, research, service, and global learning across the United States and the globe.   

ELPE  provides a variety of global experience opportunities—from short- to long-term—for students to grow their knowledge and develop as innovative and global next-generation engineering leaders. 

Global Co-ops and Internships are two of those opportunities! 

 Quick Facts about Global Co-ops and Internships:  

  • Start and end dates correspond with university semesters.  
  • Global Co-ops and Internships are full time, paid positions. 

  • There is some flexibility with the 6-month co-op schedule, and either can be global placements or one domestic and one global placement.  

  • Internships typically are for summers only and must be a minimum of 12 weeks. ELPE can clarify your specific questions. 
  • Students will be provided international insurance through the University.  

  • Most placement opportunities will use English on the job site.  

Benefits of participating in a Global Co-op or Internship: 

  • Gain global work experience! 
  • Learn how engineering practices differ in various parts of the world 

  • Understand better international issues important to the engineering field  

  • Meet other talented engineers from other parts of the world 

  • Schedules can align with domestic six-month co-op rotations --or during summer for internships. 

  • Increase your network across the globe with colleagues who have a different cultural perspective. 

  • Experience a new culture and/or language.  

 Learn more about the Co-op and Internship Division of ELPE.   

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Questions? reach out to Alicia Olalde, Global Programs Manager, a.olalde@pitt.edu