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There are many ways alumni and friends can make a gift to the Swanson School of Engineering. For help finding a giving option that works best for you, take a look below.



Types of Funds

Our current and endowed funds greatly impact the Swanson School. They provide much needed discretionary support that allows our departments to compete nationally. Scholarships, fellowships, and awards allow students to achieve their aspirational academic careers. Faculty Chair, Professor, and Fellow endowments help us recruit and maintain highly esteemed researchers and instructors for our students. Facility funds allow us to maintain our state-of-the-art engineering building, Benedum Hall. 

Endowed fundsare important for the future of the Swanson School. They are created through a charitable contribution that provides a perpetual stream of income. The University’s Spending Policy specifies that the income distributed for any fiscal year shall be an amount equal to the greater of 4.25% of the three-year average fair market value of the assets or the prior fiscal year’s income distribution. 



Current funds play an important role at the Swanson School. Unlike endowed funds, current funds can be distributed in the same year they are received. They are a terrific alternative for those who might have excess funds available each year but who do not have the full endowment minimum to make a gift in perpetuity. Similarly, they are ideal for annual IRA disbursements or lump-sum gifts to fund research projects, travel, or faculty and student awards for a designated number of years.




Scholarships and Fellowships

Establishing your legacy via a scholarship or fellowship is a great way to help a student reduce his/her debt. You will receive updates from your scholar annually.

Legacy Funds

A Legacy Fund is an unrestricted named endowed fund that benefits the Swanson School or a specific department or program within the School, such as the Office of Diversity or Office of Engineering International Programs.


You may designate your fund to be used by the Dean for school-wide purposes, or to a particular department or program. Unrestricted funds support student travel to conferences, equipment purchases, graduate and undergraduate research, guest speakers, outreach activities and other needs of the school or department, as determined by the Dean. Because your Legacy Fund is pooled with other discretionary accounts, your unrestricted support has a tremendous impact in addressing immediate needs.


You may name your Legacy Fund after yourself (i.e. Adam Smith Civil Engineering Legacy Fund), in honor/memory of others (i.e. the Swanson School of Engineering Legacy Fund in honor/memory of Jane Smith), or after a beloved faculty member or friend.

The minimum cost to establish a named endowed Legacy Fund is $50,000. A Legacy Fund may be created in one of the following ways:

  • Outright gift
  • Pledge payable up to five years (i.e. $10,000 per year)
  • Bequest
  • Other deferred method


Endowed funds at Pitt generate income according to a University policy that is intended to ensure that these funds distribute steady income and their principal grows over time. Only income, calculated according to this policy, is available to be expended. 



Planned Giving

Including the Swanson School in your estate plans is an easy and great way to make an impact! There are many ways to make a planned gift. Visit the University’s website below to find out more information. Remember to contact us if you include us in your estate so we can be sure to allocate the funds properly in the future.


Giving News

On Friday, November 3, Swanson School of Engineering Board of Visitors Chair Roberta A. Luxbacher announced the establishment of the Gerald D. Holder Innovation Fund via generous contributions from the board. The fund was established in recognition of Dean Holder’s focus on innovation and excellence which transformed the Swanson School into a leader in engineering and research during his 21-year tenure.

 Click here to learn more about the Gerald D. Holder Innovation Fund. 

Ways to Give

Credit Card or Check
Make a direct and immediate impact on the Swanson School of Engineering. Use our secure online giving feature to make a gift by credit card.

Appreciated Securities
Appreciated securities can be used to make a one-time gift or to fulfill a pledge. Securities can be electronically transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. Gifts of appreciated stock help avoid capital gains tax.

Send your gift directly to the Swanson School by making a check out to University of Pittsburgh and mailing it to:

104 Benedum Hall 
3700 O’Hara Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15261 

Estate & Planned Gifts
There are many meaningful options to make an impact through planned giving each with its own tax and philanthropic benefits.