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Learn more about supporting my Engineering student

Your child, by choosing engineering, has taken on a rigorous, challenging, and exciting course of study. Students in the Swanson School of Engineering will gain the professional skills they need to be successful in industry or graduate studies, applying math and science concepts to solve real-world problems in our daily lives. 

Engineering impact is far-reaching, and career readiness requires students to be dedicated, diligent, and hard-working problem solvers. Engineering students at Pitt will usually take 17 credits of coursework in their first term at Pitt; they hit the ground running so that they are able to declare an engineering major after the first year and embark on program-specific coursework in their subsequent time at Pitt. They participate in hands-on design projects before graduation and interact with industry professionals through internships, co-op, and senior design projects. 

Parents can support their engineering student by encouraging them to develop strong time management and study skills. They should encourage their student to speak to an academic advisor, a professor, or a TA at the first sign of struggle. Seeking help is a normal (and critical) part of engineering study and even the most intellectually gifted or hard-working students need help sometimes. Most important, parents should stress that coping with disappointing performance is a routine part of life, and that persistence and perseverance – dusting yourself off and trying again – are important skills that pave the road for success.

There are many support resources in place for students seeking assistance at Pitt, including the following: