Pitt | Swanson Engineering

Christian Thomas

Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Upper Malboro, MD
High School: Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School

Why you chose Pitt:

Pitt Excel was my main attraction to Pitt because they provided me with a supportive family of fellow underrepresented students who wanted to succeed in engineering and in life.


Advice to First Year Engineering Student:

I would recommend finding ways to give to others and start the process of leaving a legacy. There are a ton of ways for you to utilize your time in college. Outside of focusing on academics, I think a lot about how what I do now will leave a lasting impact on the people in my community and within my realm of influence. Begin to look for organizations that will provide you with activities and opportunities to develop and help others while also improving who you are.


Extracurricular involvement and or Future Goals:

I attend h2o Church which is a non-denominational church on Pitt’s campus where I am a leader for one of our bible studies. I am also highly active within Pitt Excel, the diversity-in-engineering program within the Swanson School of Engineering. I am the co-captain of B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. (Brothers Respecting Open Thought, Helping Every-man Realize His Own Original Dream) which is the male forum of Pitt Excel.

For my future, I would like to be a technical sales engineer where I can utilize my engineering knowledge to work with potential customers to provide power management solutions. Also, I would like to be a motivational speaker and help every single person I encounter better understand their value and capabilities.