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Eighteenth Annual Freshman Conference Sessions
Saturday April 7, 2018

8:15 am - 8:45 am
Registration and Conference Instructions
First Floor Plaza of Benedum Hall

9:00 am - 10:45 am

Session A1
Topics 1

Chair: Uma Balakrishnan
Co-Chair: Grace Bova
Room Benedum G31
Session A2
Topics 2

Chair: Hannah Smith, and Natalie Rutkowski
Co-Chair: Claire Kraft
Room Benedum 320
Session A3
Topics 3

Chair: Suyesh Acharya, and Alex Sundermann
Co-Chair: Conrad Li
Room Benedum 318
Session A4
Topics 1

Chair: Mark Jeffrey
Co-Chair: Alyssa Bell
Room Benedum G30
Session A5
Topics 2

Chair: Robert Boback
Co-Chair: Grace Watson
Room Benedum G29
Session A6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 1

Chair: Michael Reinhart
Co-Chair: Caroline Denniston
Room Benedum 226
Weber and Merritt

Levy and Maloney

Brubeck and Rhodes

Gillis and Nair

Thomas and Fenton

DiPalma and Aaron

Dickey and Swist

Latella and Kart

Buntain and Cain

Mixa and Bauer

Tierney and Bogdan

Keeney and Bennis

Zheng and McNeill

Gardner and Lynch

Shah and Birkhimer

Ali and Salvi

Johnston and Abushaban

Paul and Rane

Binkley and Anderson

O'Donnell and Passarello

Young and Rattay

Harvey and McConnell

Gresh-Sill and Brighton

Leydig and Pcsolyar

Swets and Spack

Yim and Sweeney

Gierchak and Locker

Selvakumar and Smith

O'Brien and Tsaklas

Ganter and Sebastian

Laraia and Wright

Weisenberger and Emswiler

Guess and Obeso

Gitterman and Gillin

Hapanowicz and Spuhler

Zito and Moyer

Session A7
Topics 1

Chair: John Andes
Co-Chair: Desmond Zheng
Room Benedum 229
Session A8
Topics 2

Chair: Frank Kremm
Co-Chair: Evan Emanuel
Room Benedum 157
Session A9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 1

Chair: Jennifer Nolan-Kremm, and Dan Budny
Co-Chair: Tristan Abraham
Room Benedum 319
Session A10
Civil and Environmental
Topics 2

Chair: Joseph Neubert, and Dylan Soller
Co-Chair: Angela Rees
Room BBenedum 309
Session A11
Topics 1

Chair: Greg Wunderley
Co-Chair: Samuel Birus
Room Benedum 227
Session A12
Topics 1

Chair: Richard Velan
Co-Chair: Jenna DeLozier
Room Benedum G26
Slavish and Zagari

Wright and Szpindor

Blum and Eshleman

Kuran and Rossow

McKenna and Rumrill

Finnegan and McArdle

Wohlers and Schnarre

Fritzsche and White

Schmidt and Specht

Spering and Raible

Fratto and Mamoozadeh

Coyne and Gall

Weirich and Skomsky

Hanslovan and Xue

Perel and McDonough

Dancer and Jones

Mercader and Bartholomew

Lowther and Hoseyni

Mason and O'Gara

Lara and Forbeck

Love and Dinan

Loneker and Ley

Tatlonghari and Meehan

Dunbar and Garrett

Hicks and Carl

Sneeringer and Luchs

Brown and Ye

Branton and Bickerstaff

Sullivan and Young

Copeland and Carrie

Moed and Brown

Stickel and Romano

Sanders and Mulloy

Gzesh and Hayostek

Schultz and Ferguson

Morton and Rubin

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10:45 am - 11:00 am

11:00 am - 12:45 pm

Session B1
Topics 4

Chair: Katrina Zougari
Co-Chair: Lauren Williams
Room Benedum G31
Session B2
Topics 5

Chair: Eileen Burke
Co-Chair: Meara Sedlak
Room Benedum 320
Session B3
Topics 6

Chair: Dave Gau
Co-Chair: Ashley Martier
Room Benedum 318
Session B4
Topics 3

Chair: Mahi Mandala, and David Sanchez
Co-Chair: Marade Bergen
Room Benedum G30
Session B5
Topics 2

Chair: Ryan Lauer
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Lyman
Room Benedum G29
Session B6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 2

Chair: Dustin Schreiber, Karen Bursic, and Natasa Vidic
Co-Chair: Michaela Chew
Room Benedum 226
Cherry and Shenk

Laird and Gupta

Chishti and Tariq

Murphy and Stevens

Sims and Tupac Yupanqui

Grunblatt and Himelrick

Tushak and Perry

Chodapaneedi and Wiggins

Lasak and Fry

Eisenberg and Spencer

Odeniyi and Zaharan

Dubaniewicz and Bush

McHale and Leng

Cortes and DeHarde

Rao and Hsin

Dickinson and Smith

Seth and Rigas

Eidman and Ruslavage

Lucks, Akabua, and Rizk

Padgett and Reaver

Schmidt and Schiavone

Countess and Peiffer

Cornali and Kittredge

Jarmusz and Njihia

Sheinberg and Salazar

Morgan and Cooke

Maraka and Charpanjeri

Rosensteel and Nadeau

Gill and Milhalko

Hill and Possessky

Li and Dana

Sam and Ologunde

VanZale and Seeger

Jablonski and Querey

Mukherjee and Christie

Parker and Kadar

Session B7
Topics 3

Chair: Nicholas Andes
Co-Chair: Jamie Laughlin
Room Benedum 229
Session B8
Topics 4

Chair: Irene Mena Lora
Co-Chair: Nicholas Malagari
Room Benedum 157
Session B9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 3

Chair: Michael Larson-Edwards, and Petros Neofotistos
Co-Chair: Sophie Engel
Room Benedum 319
Session B11
Topics 3

Chair:Adam Balawejder
Co-Chair: Alyssa Srock
Room Benedum 227
Session B12
Topics 2

Chair: Juan Ibarra
Co-Chair: Mariam Khalil
Room Benedum G26
Karras and MacWilliams

Kornacki and Lee

Meier and Matthews

Lennon and Jones

Buce and Devlin

Peal and Odunlami

Cavanaugh and Hershberger

Link and Bye

Gergel and Bogdanoff

Lombardo and Niroomand


Merrill and Benson

Damian and Levine

Freiberger and O'Brien

Donovan and Hill

Treacy and Green

Jacobs and Turocy

Garger and Marohn

Gobreski and Gerlach

  Norman and Kaushik

Zheng and Tian

Carlson and Iren

McCall and Imam

Flood and Myers


Brown and Marflak

Pendergrast and White

Fritz and Le

Derksen and Zheng

Rayburg and La Torre

Guinter and Racz

Session B13
ENGR 0716 The Art of Making: An Introduction to Hands-On System Design and Engineering
Topics 1

Chair: Joseph Samosky
Room Benedum G34
reCYCLE: A Sustainable Solution for Menstrual Products
Gracie Barrineau, Andrew Imredy, Chris Snodgrass, Tynan Tinley, Ruben Verhagen

Rain Restrain: Supplementary Green Roofs for Established Buidings
Alex Conmy, Mary Cumpston, Benji Lacroix, Marcelo Pomiecko, Demetrius Pyo

outSTANDing: Encouraging Short, Staggered Periods of Activity
Megan Black, Dana Kelly, Sara Kron, Eli Sigman, Sarah Snavely, Kevin Xu

Care2Care: An App to Bridge the Gap Between Caretakers and Families in Memory Care
Jacob Diefes, Asher Hancock, Emma McNamara, Daniel Peters, Mor Shimshi

Stress Trainer: Your personal trainer for stress management
Rosh Bharthi, Jason Chukwu, Ryan Loebig

upLIFT: Increasing Elevator Efficiency and Usability
Ben Codd, Colman Glagovich, Luke Karavolis, Owen Lucas, Jack Protivnak

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12:45 pm - 1:45 pm Lunch sponsored by Heinz Foundation 
Ground floor of Benedum Hall

1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Keynote by
Matt Tokorcheck, FedEx Ground
157 Benedum Hall

2:15 - 2:45 pm Awards Presentation
First floor of Benedum Hall Room 157

3:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Session C1
Topics 7

Chair: Morgan Austin
Co-Chair: Rahul Ramanathan
Room Benedum G31
Session C2
Topics 8

Chair: Rick Schaub
Co-Chair: Jacob Meadows
Room Benedum 320
Session C3
Topics 5

Chair: Dave King
Co-Chair: Steven Lotinsky
Room Benedum 318
Session C4
Topics 4

Chair: Mark Shearer
Co-Chair: Cailyn Hall
Room Benedum G30
Session C5
Topics 5

Chair: Zack Ramsey
Co-Chair: Jonathan Klan
Room Benedum G29
Session C6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 3

Chair: Kenneth Norris
Co-Chair: Anthony Jacob
Room Benedum 226
Patel and Vlasic

Fico and Dunn

Pietz and Wong

Ferchak and Higgins

Swaltek and Sweeney

Zhang and Vinod

Marshall and Groff

Chinnaya and Pezich

Justin and Miller

Perry and Sanchez

Eckerling and Walker

Sipe and Williams

Sackett and Patel

Patel and Hackman

Stoner and Franzese

Browning and Melnik

Hirsch and Gleeson

Zheng and Frederick

Carpenter and Biederman

de Cortie and Paplham

Rattay and Hartwick

July and Campbell

McGaw and Muscarella

Wolf and Shade

Woodruff and Barker

Edgreen and Murphy

Oldenburg and DeRienzo

Hilliard and Kozuch

Hartig and Jeyaram

DeMaio and Kamara

Baxter and Hoffmann

Hannon and Henderson

Newman and Eljamal

Ghosh and Todd

Lencioni and Farrah

Noviello and Kaplan

Smith and Lagerman

Session C7
Topics 6

Chair: Jared Andes
Co-Chair: Daniel Sauder
Room Benedum 229
Session C8
Topics 7

Chair: Eliza Roman, and Scott Roman
Co-Chair: Kelly Larson
Room Benedum 157
Session C9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 4

Chair: Adam Walkowiak
Co-Chair: Pete Eyre
Room Benedum 319
Session C10
Civil and Environmental
Topics 5

Chair: Max Wallack
Co-Chair: Kyle Kosinski
Room Benedum 309
Session C11
Topics 4

Chair: Kevin Shaffer
Co-Chair: Ryan Becker
Room Benedum 227
Session C12
Topics 3

Chair: Ray Kovacs
Co-Chair: Sabrina Nguyen
Room Benedum G26
Pisone and Gordish


Sherbocker and Stumpp

Bussieres and Islam

Crouch Jr and Miller

Merkel and Barker

Oliart and Neal

Smathers and Skiff

Liu and Han

Babinchak and Hughes

Smith and Ream

Adrian and Hyman

Engler and Gansor

Lipsky and Vostal

Nescio and Chen

McDermott and Sepcic

Liu and Yang

Backof and Lesser

Tercha and Willson

Gise and Gleason

Zelnis and Osilka

Espadas and Bhushan

Scarton and Kaminski

Sills and Serbin

Shuster and Kutney

Smith and Montilla

Key and Turner

Colaizzi and Tyson

Grady and Chapman

Banks and Bradley

Konduru and Xu

Kinsey and Sommer

Megahed and Sullivan

Hages and Popovski

Kuerzi and Moore

Cook and Starnes

Session C13
ENGR 0716 The Art of Making: An Introduction to Hands-On System Design and Engineering
Topics 2

Chair: Joseph Samosky
Room Benedum G34
MediReady: Integrating Medications into Daily Routines
Alana Dee, VL Kress, Annalise O'Lear, Eli Wissenbach

Plantels: Green Roof Attachments for Residences
Daniel Braunstein, Ethan Fisher, Ryan Mowry, Jimmy Neely

Sense-itivity: Improving the Hospital Room Atmosphere Through Light and Sound
Julia Foust, Melissa Mathias, Theresa Ortiz, Clara Osburg, Sridhar Reddy, Emily Zuris

Piano Pal: Interactive Keyboard Learning Assistant
David Chan, Will Gamble, Robert Kwiat, James Landis, Matthew Sivaprakasam, Chris Turocy

EleWait: Providing Increased Information and Control to Elevator Users
Rex Heuler, Josh Lane, Sean McHale, Asa Thomason, Calvin Yu


This paper partially fulfills a writing requirement for First Year (Freshman) Engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering. This paper is a student, not a professional, paper. This paper is based on publicly available information and may not be a complete analyses of all relevant data. If this paper is used for any purpose other than these authors’ partial fulfillment of a writing requirement for First Year (Freshman) Engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, the user does so at his or her own risk.

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