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Materials Science and Engineering Minor

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The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science offers the following minor to students in the Swanson School of Engineering who are not currently majoring in materials science and engineering. The minor consists of five (5) courses for a total of fifteen (15) units. Students must obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 for the courses taken.


ENGR 0022: Materials Structure and Properties (3 units)
Pre-reqs: MATH 0230 and PHYS 0175

MEMS 0040: Materials and Manufacturing (3 units)
Pre-req: ENGR 0022

MEMS 1053: Structure of Crystals and Diffraction (3 units)
Pre-req: ENGR 0022

MEMS 1059: Phase Equilibria in Multi-Component Materials (3 units)
Pre-reqs: ENGR 0022 and MEMS 0051

MEMS 1063: Phase Transformations and Microstructure Evolution (3 units)
Pre-reqs: MEMS 1053 and MEMS 1059

Questions regarding the materials science and engineering minor can be directed to Dr. Markus Chmielus [chmielus@pitt.edu].

Minor application form ( PDF)