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Undergraduate Concentration Areas

The undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering provides a choice of four main areas of emphasis: Operations Research & Computer Modeling, Product Development & Manufacturing Systems, Engineering Management, and Health Systems Engineering. Technical elective courses may be taken in any of these four areas. Those students wishing to complete a Concentration in one of these areas must take three out of their five required technical electives in that area.   Students are not required to select an area of focus and those wishing to gain a breadth of experience may choose to take a series of courses from two or more of the four areas.

Some of the courses that fall into each of the four areas are listed below. Students may petition the undergraduate committee to take a course outside of the IE Department that qualifies in one of the areas. For example courses in Mechanical Engineering may qualify in the Product Development & Manufacturing Systems area and courses from the College of Business may qualify in the Engineering Management area. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis. In addition, top academic students may take a graduate level course within the IE Department with the approval of their advisor and the course instructor.

Note that while we permit students to earn two concentrations, this can only be done with a minimum of 5 technical elective courses (thus students may double count a maximum of one course that might cross concentration areas).

Operations Research & Computer Modeling

 IE 1044 - Investment Science

 IE 1062 - Data Mining 

 IE 1079 - Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering  

 IE 1086 - Decision Models 

 IE 1101 - Facility Logistics  

 IE 1180 - Operations Analysis

 IE 2064 - Data Science (with approval from instructor) 

 IE 2082 - Linear Optimization (with approval from instructor) 

 IE 2088 - Digital Systems Simulation (with approval from instructor)

 IE 2186 - Reinforcement Learning (with approval from instructor)

Product Development & Manufacturing Systems

 IE 1012 - Manufacture of Structural Nanomaterials 

 IE 1013 - Manufacturing Process Engineering 

 IE 1089 - Additive Manufacturing

 IE 1101 - Facility Logistics 

 IE 1180 - Operations Analysis 

 IE 1201 - Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing  

 IE 2725 - Design for Injury Prevention

 ENGR 1050 - Product Realization  


Engineering Management

IE 1039 - Entrepreneurship for Engineers

IE 1044 - Investment Science

IE 1076 - Total Quality Management 

IE 1086 - Decision Models   

IE 1102 - Lean Six Sigma I (Green Belt) 

IE 1103 - Lean Six Sigma II (Black Belt) 

IE 1123 - Project Management for Engineers 

IE 1301 - Introduction to Safety Engineering 

IE 1302 - Engineering for Process Safety 

IE 2097 - Financial Engineering (with approval from instructor)

ENGR 1500 - Ethical Dilemmas in Balancing Cost, Risk and Schedule 


Health Systems Engineering

IE 1106 - Operations Improvement in Healthcare*

IE 1108 - Health Systems Engineering* 

IE 1107- Healthcare Information Systems 

IE 1014 - Database Design 

IE 1076 - Total Quality Management 

IE 1102 - Lean Six Sigma I 

IE 1103 - Lean Six Sigma II

IE 1122 - Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

IE 1123 - Project Management for Engineers 

ENGR 1500 - Ethical Dilemmas in Balancing Cost, Risk and Schedule 

* - Required for concentration

Note that the HSE concentration also requires that your Sr. Design project (as part of IE 1090) be in the Health Care Field.