Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Available Courses
 Course Title (Click for Description)
 Term Typically Offered
 IE-0015 Introduction to Information Systems Engineering  Spring
 IE-1012 Manufacture of Structural Nano-Materials  Spring
 IE-1013 Manufacturing Process Engineering  Spring
 IE-1014 Data Base Design  Spring
 IE-1015 Geographic Information Systems  Summer
 IE-1035 Engineering Management  Spring
 IE-1039 Entrepreneurship for Engineers  Spring
 IE-1040 Engineering Economic Analysis  Fall, Spring
 IE-1051 Engineering Product Design  Fall
 IE-1052 Manufacturing Processes and Analysis  Spring
 IE-1054 Productivity Analysis  Fall
 IE-1055 Facility Layout and Material Handling  Spring
 IE-1057 Computer Aided Manufacturing  Summer
 IE-1061 Human Factors Engineering  Fall
 IE-1062 Data Mining  Summer
 IE-1070 Probability, Random Variables, and Distributions  Fall
 IE-1071 Statistical Testing and Regression  Spring
 IE-1072 Design of Experiments & Quality Assurance  Fall
 IE-1073 Modeling in Sports and Games  Spring
 IE-1076 Total Quality Management  Fall
 IE-1079 Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering  Spring
 IE-1080 Supply Chain Management  Fall
 IE-1081 Operations Research  Fall
 IE-1082 Probabilistic Methods in Operations Research  Spring, Summer
 IE-1083 Simulation Modeling  Spring
 IE-1085 Departmental Seminar  Fall, Spring
 IE-1086 Decision Models  Fall
 IE-1089 Additive Manufacturing  Summer
 IE-1090 Senior Projects  Fall, Spring
 IE-1091 Unstructured Problem Solving  Summer
 IE-1098 Special Projects  All
 IE-1101 Facility Logistics  Fall
 IE-1102 Lean Six Sigma I (Green Belt)  All
 IE-1103 Lean Six Sigma II (Black Belt)  All
 IE-1106 Operations Improvement in Healthcare  Fall
 IE-1107 Healthcare Information Systems  Fall
 IE-1108 Health Systems Engineering  Spring
 IE-1123 Project Management for Engineers  Summer
 IE-1180 Operations Analysis  Fall
 IE-1201 Biomaterials and Biomanufacturing  Fall
 IE-1301 Introduction to Safety Engineering  Fall
 IE-1302 Engineering for Process Safety  Spring