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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Systems Engineering

Offered by the Swanson School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, the goal of this graduate program is to develop students with the specific competencies and analytical tools required for effective problem solving relevant to quality management and process engineering in the health care industry. These students will be prepared to serve as quality champions and change agents in addressing the challenges facing health care in the 21st Century Engineering student will gain knowledge of health care operations, the organization culture and strategic issues facing the industry. Health care management students will apply engineering principles, models and tools within a systems approach to analysis, problem-solving and project implementation.

This certificate is intended for individuals pursuing careers in health systems management and process engineering. Primarily designed for Master's degree students in the Department of Health Policy & Management and the Department of Industrial Engineering, this program will provide a rigorous and multi-disciplinary education as a complement to the core curriculum of both programs. With a focus on enhancing innovation, effectiveness and efficiency in health care and public health, the Certificate's ultimate goal is to produce well-educated professionals and leaders in their disciplines.

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