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Electrical Engineering Communications Requirement

Electrical Engineering

A student must select one communications course from the following groups:


  • ENGR 1010: Communications Skills for Engineers

Rhetoric and Communication Department

  • COMMRC 0500 Argument
  • COMMRC 0520 Public Speaking
  • COMMRC 0540 Discussion

English Department

  • ENGCMP 0400 Written Professional Communication (also fulfills "W" requirement)
  • ENGCMP 0450 Research Writing¬†(also fulfills "W" requirement)
  • ENGCMP 0600 Introduction to Technical Writing
  • ENGCMP 1101 Language of Science and Technology¬†(also fulfills "W" requirement)

Note that English BW (ENGCMP 0150: BASIC WRITING) and English GW (ENGCMP 0200: GENERAL WRITING) cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. All engineering students complete an examination upon entry into the University to determine their ability in written communication. If a student does not perform satisfactorily on this exam, English BW is required as a remedial course beyond the normal requirements.