Pitt | Swanson Engineering
PHYS 0174

Swanson School of Engineering   - 3 credits 

Enrollment Requirements

  • CREQ: MATH 0220 or 0235

Class Description

The first term in a two-term introductory lecture-demonstration sequence in physics for science and engineering students. Calculus is used as needed and should be taken at least concurrently. Credit will not be given for both this sequence and the Physics 0110,0111 sequence. Subjects covered in Physics 0174 include: kinematics; Newton's laws of motion; energy; momentum, rotational motion, rigid body motion, angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, gravitation, mechanical waves, sound waves, and the kinetic theory of gases. Students planning to major in physics are urged to take the equivalent honors course (Physics 0475). Note: This section will be held in a flipped format. Students will be expected to watch approximately two hours of recorded lectures each week on CourseWeb. The other two hours each week will be spent in the classroom with a focus on demonstrations and problem solving.