Pitt | Swanson Engineering
CEE 1618


Enrollment Requirements

  • PROG: Swanson School of Engineering

Class Description

Design for the environment (DFE) is a specific set of design practices aimed at creating eco-efficient products and processes. Incorporating sustainability into product and process development is considered an engineering design opportunity. Students will be introduced to the DFE toolbox, which includes design for end-of-life, life cycle assessment, biomimicry, the twelve principles of green chemistry and green engineering, alternatives assessment, and materials selection. Students will also be exposed to real world design challenges and hands on group experiences that promote student application of their DFE skills to projects that address sustainability challenges. The course is also intended to be inter-disciplinary and as such, will incorporate toxicity and risk assessment, life cycle costing, business plans and strategies, and supply chain management within the context of DFE and sustainable design.