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BioE UG Student Research - Spring 2017

Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) - Spring Semester 2017

The Intramural Internship is designed to provide students with practical experience within an academic research environment that includes project planning, design or experimentation, and analysis. A research project involving a literature search, planning, design, fabrication, experimentation, analysis, and technical report writing is performed by the student. The work is completed under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved subject and culminates in an oral presentation at a technical symposium.

37 student researchers, 27 faculty mentors
Podium presentations made on 4 & 5 April 2017.
Presentation titles have a link to the abstract.

7-tesla SAR data representation and visualization.
Givan Amaratunga Mentor: Tamer Ibrahim
Optic nerve axon counting: a method to identify glaucomatous tissue.
Katelyn Axman Mentor: Jonathan Vande Geest
Effect of DRP on distribution of platelet-sized particles in microvessels.
Siddharth Blakarishnan Mentor: Marina Kameneva
Predicting mechanical properties of tendons with quantitative ultrasound measures.
Ryan Black Mentor: Richard Debski
Effect of knee rotation angles on cartilage compression during prolonged standing.
Elizabeth Bottorff Mentor: April Chambers
The impact of age & BMI on trunk segment parameters in males.
Grace Bova Mentor: Rakié Cham
Sacral skin blood flow response to an alternating pressure operating room table overlay.
Michael Churilla Mentor: David Brienza
Contraction wave propagation in an excitable epithelial tissue.
David Denberg Mentor: Lance Davidson
64-channel radio frequency head coil simulations.
Anthony Fischetti Mentor: Tamer Ibrahim
Novel saxophone mouthpiece design through additive manufacturing.
Byron Hang Mentor: George Stetten
Isolating extracellular matrix by liver decellularization.
Andrea Hartman Mentor: Bryan Brown
Novel methods to improve artificial lung gas exchange.
Erich Heinzel Mentor: William Federspiel
Whole body cardiovascular modeling for ECMO training simulator.
Le Huang Mentor: Sanjeev Shroff
A virtual reality environment for testing somatosensory neuro-prostheses.
Gregg Karanovich Mentor: Lee Fisher
Augmented reality membrane modeling.
Avin Khera Mentor: George Stetten
Aerosol drug delivery for infants.
Ryan Lacy Mentor: Tim Corcoran
Enhanced cell sheet technology for cartilage repair.
Caitlin Lucas Mentor: Rocky Tuan
Uniaxial tension grip design.
Harry O’Byrne Mentor: Spandan Maiti
Phenotypic/genotypic effects of kidneys of pups birthed from mothers with gestational diabetes.
Favour Oladipupo Mentor: Sunny Sims-Lucas
Analyzing the pressure exerted in overground and treadmill walking and running.
Katherine Poduska Mentor: William Anderst
Viability testing of drug release candidate to prevent muscle atrophy.
Praveen Prabhu Mentor: Tracy Cui
Systemic and uterine arterial flow contribution to abnormal uterine artery doppler.
Shivbaskar Rajesh Mentor: Sanjeev Shroff
Morphology of ocular blood vessels.
Matthew Russell Mentor: Ian Sigal
Probabilistic graphical models in COPD.
Ivy Shi Mentor: Takis Benos
Helping Marfan patients bounce back.
Rachel Sides Mentor: David Vorp
Improving quality of topographically actuating vascular grafts.
Nicholas Strauch Mentor: Sachin Valenkar
Discrete models of collagen fiber mechanics for studying glaucoma.
Christopher Torgaliski Mentor: Ian Sigal
Corrosion of magnesium.
Yajnesh Vedanaparti Mentor: Savio Woo
Effect of DRP on the distribution of leukocyte-sized particles in microvessels.
Soumya Vhasure Mentor: Marina Kameneva
Changing the geometry of a 64-channel MRI head coil to maximize field homogeneity.
Neilesh Vinjamuri Mentor: Tamer Ibrahim
True strain characterization for TMJ disc tensile testing.
Alexander Weinstein Mentor: Alejandro Almarza
An agent-based model of restenosis and thrombosis in a stented artery.
Isaac Hong Wong Mentor: Leming Zhou
Novel PEDOT coating functionalization methods for bio-interfacing applications.
Bingchen Wu Mentor: Tracy Cui
Quantifying the mechanical stiffness of ovarian ECM hydrogels.
Ziyu Xian Mentor: Bryan Brown
Species dependent shape of lamina.
Xizi Xiao Mentor: Jonathan Vande Geest
In vitro evaluation of Mg-Li-Zn alloys for biomedical application.
Raymon Yao Mentor: Prashant Kumta
Model construction for simulation of vulnerable plaque development.
Yijun Zhu Mentor: Leming Zhou