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BioE UG Student Research - Spring 2016

Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) - Spring Semester 2016

The Intramural Internship is designed to provide students with practical experience within an academic research environment that includes project planning, design or experimentation, and analysis. A research project involving a literature search, planning, design, fabrication, experimentation, analysis, and technical report writing is performed by the student. The work is completed under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved subject and culminates in an oral presentation at a technical symposium.

23 student researchers, 17 faculty mentors
Podium presentations made on 14 & 15 April 2016.
Presentation titles have a link to the abstract.

Quantifying the sensitivity of a multi-scale shoe-floor friction model against shoe and floor parameters.
Arjun Acharya Mentor: Kurt Beschorner
Architecture of dorsal tissue aggregates from frog embryos.
Uma Balakrishnan Mentor: Lance Davidson
Photoacoustic imaging depth improvement device.
Forme Balebako Mentor: Kang Kim
Optimization of 7 Tesla MRI.
Jacob Bartee Mentor: Tamer Ibrahim
Age and walking speed affect motor learning and transfer.
Michelle Botyrius Mentor: Gelsy Torres-Oviedo
Comparative volumetric analysis of liver via CT imaging.
Eileen Burke Mentor: Jaideep Behari
Fat volume retention project.
Aaron Dees Mentor: Kacey Marra
Cell-free extract based biosensors.
Robert Donahoe Mentor: Alexander Deiters
How place of pressurization effects ocular structures.
Mikayla Ferchaw Mentor: Ian Sigal
Shoulder and knee testing apparatus: STAR-IV.
Trenton Gilstrap Mentor: Richard Debski
Protein characterization of endometriosis lesion tissue.
Jacob Herman Mentor: Bryan Brown
Preventing shoulder pain in manual wheelchair users.
Karen Hranek Mentor: Michael Boninger
Electrochemical detection of superoxide with hemin GO_PEDOT nanocomposite.
Abhinav Jaiswal Mentor: Tracy Cui
Are those shoes actually slip resistant?.
Taylor Jones Mentor: Kurt Beschorner
Improving calculation time for ultrasound image analysis tool.
Matthew Pesce Mentor: Kang Kim
Quantification of cardiac fibrosis in a transgenic rat model.
Casey Rayburg Mentor: Sanjeev Shroff
Anterolateral capsule of the knee functions as a sheet of tissue based on tissue strain.
Stephanie Sexton Mentor: Richard Debski
Histological differences in localized rotator cuff tendon degeneration.
Leanna Sullivan Mentor: Richard Debski
Development of a mobile app for individuals with disabilities.
Andrew Sweet Mentor: Leming Zhou
Shape analysis of right ventricles to better predict and categorize pulmonary hypertension.
Abraham Umo Mentor: John Brigham
Searching for signs of electrical damage.
Samuel Waters Mentor: Robert Gaunt
Enhancing nerve regeneration with a natural, tissue-derived scaffold.
Meghan Wyatt Mentor: Bryan Brown
Analyzing locomotor learning in children.
Erin Yingling Mentor: Gelsy Torres-Oviedo