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BioE UG Student Research - Fall 2015

Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) - Fall Semester 2015

The Intramural Internship is designed to provide students with practical experience within an academic research environment that includes project planning, design or experimentation, and analysis. A research project involving a literature search, planning, design, fabrication, experimentation, analysis, and technical report writing is performed by the student. The work is completed under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved subject and culminates in an oral presentation at a technical symposium.

47 student researchers, 33 faculty mentors
Podium presentations made on 2 & 3 December 2015.
Presentation titles have a link to the abstract.

Optimizing fat delivery methods in continuous enteral feeding of expressed breast milk to neonates.
Khaled Abdelrahman Mentor: Steven Abrams
Design of customized lower leg specimen fixtures for robotic testing system.
Laura Bechard Mentor: Richard Debski
Development of a flow loop for biocompatibility assessment.
Nathalia Both Mentor: Venkat Shankarraman
Comparison of three decellularization methods for ovarian tissue.
Brandon Burger Mentor: Bryan Brown
How actin dynamics affect profilin isoforms in human breast cancer cells.
Nevin Castellucci Mentor: Partha Roy
Establishing choice task procedures including cocaine as an option.
Jennifer Cortes Mentor: Charles Bradberry
Using proximity sensors to digitally measure bi-planar alignment angles in lower limb prosthetics.
Alexandra Delazio Mentor: Goeran Fiedler
Contraction waves caused by electrostimulation of xenopus laevis embryos.
P Nathan Enick Mentor: Lance Davidson
Cancer and collagen.
Lauren Fox Mentor: Partha Roy
Cartilage tissue engineering through human adipose stem cell differentiation.
Madalyn Fritch Mentor: Rocky Tuan
Mechanics of anesthetic needle penetration into human sciatic nerve.
Maria Gan Mentor: David Vorp
Poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) surgical mesh for hernia repair.
Riddhi Gandhi Mentor: Stephen Badylak
Optimal receptive fields for the classification of conspecific vocalizations.
Patrick Haggerty Mentor: Srivatsun Sadagopan
Acetylation, phosphorylation, and cardiac muscle mechanics.
Eric Haljasmaa Mentor: Sanjeev Shroff
Perfluoropolyether polymers may have anti-biofouling applications.
Amy Howell Mentor: Lei Li
A method to study the effects of uniaxial stretch on the microarchitecture of ocular collagen fibers.
Michael Iasella Mentor: Ian Sigal
Blood vessel quantification of an elastomeric scaffold for abdominal wall defect repair.
David Jacob Mentor: Antonio D’Amore
Implementation of Butterworth filtering to improve beat selection for hemodynamic analysis.
Michael Jacus Mentor: Marc Simon
Analysis of laponite and heparin hydrogel.
Chloe Kaunitz Mentor: Yadong Wang
The effects of cell division on early neural plate formation in xenopus laevis embryos.
Emily Kieffer Mentor: Lance Davidson
Effects of multifocal lens glasses on targeted stepping.
Christen Kraemer Mentor: Kurt Beschorner
The effectiveness of robotic training on regenertaion after an acute muscle injury in mice.
Ross Lawrence Mentor: Fabrisia Ambrosio
Mapping the extracellular matrix: an automated analysis of the striatal distribution of thrombospondin using cellprofiler.
Jessie Liu Mentor: Michael Modo
Solubilized liver extracellular matrix maintains primary rat hepatocyte phenotype in-vitro.
Abigail Loneker Mentor: Stephen Badylak
Visulalization of perfused rabbit heart mechanics via ultrasound elasticity imaging.
Johnathan Maynard Mentor: Kang Kim
Degradable magnesium and biopolymer composites for bone tissue engineering.
Emma McBride Mentor: Prashant Kumta
Custom MATLAB Doppler processing provides a valuable tool in hemodynamic analysis.
Andres Medina Mentor: Marc Simon
The effects of visual field loss on standing balance.
Meredith Meyer Mentor: Rakie Cham
Developing an in vitro model of endometriosis through the decellularization of porcine ovaries.
Rebecca Miller Mentor: Bryan Brown
Overexpression of Mcm protein potentially causes cancer.
Yujie Mu Mentor: Anthony Schwacha
The effect of profilin on breast cancer cell motility.
Praneeth Peddada Mentor: Partha Roy
Macrophage polarization due to interleukin-4 coated polypropylene meshes.
Rahul Rege Mentor: Bryan Brown
Cerium oxide nanoparticle shape-specific properties of nanocomposite hydrogel scaffolds.
Piyusha Sane Mentor: Shilpa Sant
Profilin for the treatment of cancer cell metastasis.
Rahul Sane Mentor: Partha Roy
Development of a protocol for the characterization of perineal body fracture toughness.
Meghan Scott Mentor: Steven Abramowitch
Optimization of ovarian tissue decellularization.
Dipali Shah Mentor: Bryan Brown
Learning coincides with stability in neural tuning.
Sarah Shaykevich Mentor: Aaron Batista
Contralateral limb differences in knee kinetics after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Andrew Sivaprakasam Mentor: Scott Tashman
The effects of terminal sterilization on the mechanical properties of extracellular matrix hydrogels.
Adam Smoulder Mentor: Stephen Badylak
Optimization and characterization of decellularized adipose tissue.
Malik Snowden Mentor: Kacey Marra
Evaluating use of DMAS7 camera system for the analysis of tibiofibular kinematics.
Joseph Takahashi Mentor: Richard Debski
Using optical coherence tomography to evaluate non-linear in-vivo deformations of optic nerve head tissues with changes in intraocular pressure.
Jeremy Teichmann Mentor: Ian Sigal
The effect of cell division on tissue spreading.
Corey Williams Mentor: Lance Davidson
The effect of age on skeletal muscle matrix remodeling after an acute injury.
Lia Winter Mentor: Fabrisia Ambrosio
Apparatus design for fatigue testing of the ulnar collateral ligament.
Kevin Woeppel Mentor: Mark Miller
Optimizing porosity of small diameter fast-degrading synthetic vascular grafts.
Jennifer Zhuang Mentor: Yadong Wang
Hemoglobin exchange as a potential treatment for sickle cell disease.
Katrina Zougari Mentor: Marina Kameneva