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BioE UG Student Research - Spring 2015

Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) - Spring Semester 2015

The Intramural Internship is designed to provide students with practical experience within an academic research environment that includes project planning, design or experimentation, and analysis. A research project involving a literature search, planning, design, fabrication, experimentation, analysis, and technical report writing is performed by the student. The work is completed under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved subject and culminates in an oral presentation at a technical symposium.

19 student researchers, 15 faculty mentors
Podium presentations made on 10 April 2015.
Presentation titles have a link to the abstract.

Optimization of antibodies for the evaluation of the host response during mesh implantation.
Kelley Brown Mentor: Bryan Brown
Structural study of CyN protein: possible anti-HIV lectin.
Conor Calnan Mentor: Angela Gronenborn
Effects of visual field loss on standing balance.
Mitchell Clough Mentor: Rakie Cham
Correlation of collagen beam width vs. waviness in the lamina cribrosa.
James Constantin Mentor: Ian Sigal
Diagnosing traumatic brain injury: an automatic approach.
Katherine Coulter Mentor: Walter Schneider
Fabrication and characterization of particle-based inverted colloidal crystals.
Jahnelle Jordan Mentor: Steven Little
Characterizing the seeding distribution of cells and microspheres within tissue engineered blood vessels.
Alex Josowitz Mentor: Justin Weinbaum
The effect of magnesium alloys on the proliferation of ACL fibroblasts.
Jonathan Mahoney Mentor: Savio Woo
A study of drug delivery technology in nerve repair: optimization of encapsulation strategies for enhanced nerve repair.
Lindsey Marra Mentor: Kacey Marra
Laboratory equivalents of C-H bond activation.
Daniel Mercader Mentor: Scott Nelson
Laboratory equivalents of C-H bond activation.
Kyungsam Min Mentor: Mitch Taylor
Vibrotactile response.
Lindsey Nelson Mentor: Patrick Loughlin
Investigation of nerve specific hydrogel in rat model.
Oluyinka Olutoye Mentor: Bryan Brown
Enhanced cartilage formation in 3D cell culture of stem cells treated with kartogenin.
Meghana Patil Mentor: Rocky Tuan
A code for automated reverse engineering of ultrasound data to reconstruct and model pelvic organs.
Briana Roberts Mentor: Steven Abramowitch
Miniaturization of an osteochondral bioreactor system.
Bryan Romell
Mentor: Rocky Tuan
Evaluation of a novel adipose matrix in an in vivo model.
Snehal Sawlani Mentor: Kacey Marra
Surgical mesh coatings.
Yuta Umeda Mentor: Bryan Brown
Neural based control of modular prosthetic limb.
Zachary Wool Mentor: Wei Wang