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BioE UG Student Research - Fall 2014

Intramural Internship (BIOENG 1002) - Fall Semester 2014

The Intramural Internship is designed to provide students with practical experience within an academic research environment that includes project planning, design or experimentation, and analysis. A research project involving a literature search, planning, design, fabrication, experimentation, analysis, and technical report writing is performed by the student. The work is completed under the guidance of a faculty member on an approved subject and culminates in an oral presentation at a technical symposium.

44 student researchers, 28 faculty mentors
Podium presentations made on 4 & 5 December 2014.
Presentation titles have a link to the abstract.

Nasal endoscopy simulator with force feedback.
Iman Benbourenane Mentor: April Chambers
Repeatability of knee kinematics and contact mechanics: an in vitro study.
Kyle Berkow Mentor: Richard Debski
Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery to central nervous system.
Liza Bruk Mentor: Tracy Cui
Dexamethasone attenuates immediate microglial reactions to brain microdialysis, as revealed by 2-photon microscopy.
Gregory Brunette Mentor: Tracy Cui
Motor neuron activity rescaling with arm movement velocity in rhesus monkeys.
Nicholas Card Mentor: Aaron Batista
The fractal structure of insomnia.
Anthony Cugini Mentor: Dan Buysse
Darcy permeability characterization of PMP hollow fiber membrane bundles.
Brandon D'Aloiso Mentor: William Federspiel
Carbon nanotubes as synthetic ion channels.
Luke Drnach Mentor: Steve Little
Validating PIVOT software with an electromagnetic system during the pivot shift test.
Ben Engel Mentor: Richard Debski
Polymer coating for medical devices through electrospinning.
Joshua George Mentor: William Wagner
Ex vivo assessment of a novel inflow cannula for continuous-flow ventricular assist devices.
Michael Griffin Mentor: Marina Kameneva
Utilizing magnesium corrosion to drive anti-inflammatory drug release.
Victor Hoang Mentor: Tracy Cui
Body segment parameters in normal weight versus obese young females.
Molly Knewston Mentor: April Chambers
Fabrication and characterization of electrospun PLLA/gelatin braided scaffolds.
Brian Lauro Mentor: Rocky Tuan
Anti-thrombogenic modifications for metallic surfaces.
Evan Lee Mentor: Sang-Ho Ye
Investigating the effect of conducting polymer graphene oxide polymer coatings.
Huaxiu Li Mentor: Tracy Cui
The effects of intraocular and intracranial pressures on the vasculature of the optic nerve head.
Michael Linehan Mentor: Ian Sigal
The hand held force magnifier.
Ma Luo Mentor: George Stetten
Design and validation of a pathway measurement tool (PathMeT).
Ian McIntyre Mentor: Jonathan Pearlman
Intervertebral cervical spine kinematics during in vivo dynamic loading: continuous motion paths defined using bootstrap prediction bands.
Maya McKeown Mentor: Scott Tashman
Characterizing aortic smooth muscle cell phenotype through regulated growth conditions.
Emily Mihalko Mentor: Julie Phillippi
Leukocyte reprogramming.
Leonid Mirson Mentor: William Federspiel
Neuron preferred direction clustering.
Eric Moe Mentor: Aaron Batista
Characterization of collagen microstructure in the peripapillary sclera.
Saundria Moed Mentor: Ian Sigal
The effects of various loading conditions on a 3D virtual cervical spine.
Ryan Moss Mentor: Kevin Bell
Intraocular pressure effects on crimp in the sclera.
Ryan O’ Malley Mentor: Ian Sigal
Intervertebral cervical spine kinematics during in vivo dynamic loading: continuous motion paths defined using bootstrap prediction bands.
Mara Palmer Mentor: Scott Tashman
Visualizing real-time platelet deposition onto Ti6Al4V caused by disturbed flow geometries.
Drake Pedersen Mentor: William Wagner
Diabetic AD-MSCs are more thrombogenic due to decreased fibrinolytic activity but not platelet adhesion.
Dominic Pezzone Mentor: David Vorp
Lower extremity muscle contributions to rapid voluntary stepping in the elderly.
Stephanie Quatchak Mentor: Arash Mahboobin
Upper extremity kinematic measures of arm recovery in post–stroke patients.
Sandesh Raj Mentor: Amit Sethi
The effect of intraocular pressure on the collagen waviness and crimp period in the lamina cribrosa.
Natalie Rutkowski Mentor: Ian Sigal
The influence of post-activation potentiation on the gluteus medius muscle performance during a bout of therapeutic exercise.
Elizabeth Santucci Mentor: Shawn Farrokhi
Knee kinematics after ACL reconstruction.
Kimberly Sass Mentor: Scott Tashman
Building an 80% porous nerve guide scaffold for culturing neurons.
Stephanie Schlebusch Mentor: Ian Sigal
In vitro biocompatibility evaluation of surface-modified titanium alloy.
Alyson Schlieper Mentor: William Wagner
Microelectrode brain-machine interface.
Nathaniel Schwed Mentor: Jennifer Collinger
Characterization of collagen microstructure in the peripapillary sclera.
Sarah Smelko Mentor: Ian Sigal
Verification of Alexa Fluor 633 binding to elastic fibers.
Melissa Smith Mentor: Justin Weinbaum
Cloning HA-tags in a mitochondrial RNA targeting vector.
David Starkman Mentor: Michael Palladino
Analyzing an animal model and drug-loaded microspheres for breast cancer recurrence in autologous fat grafting.
Ana Taylor Mentor: Kacey Marra
Plasma permeability of synthetic vascular grafts.
Hannah Voorhees Mentor: Marina Kameneva
Microbubble-mediated gene delivery via ultrasound induced microbubble destruction.
Daniel Whitehurst Mentor: Flordeliza Villanueva
Biodegradable elastomeric scaffolds for heart valve and vascular tissue engineering.
Tatyana Yatsenko Mentor: Shilpa Sant