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Undergraduate Student Awards
2014 through 2017

UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS (Academic Years 2014 through 2017)

The Department of Bioengineering is proud of academic achievement and many awards earned by our undergraduates. We encourage our students to be an active participant in the community in which they live and partake of the many academic and service opportunities that exist throughout the University of Pittsburgh. The extensive breadth of interest and active participation displayed by our undergraduates is reflected in the diversity of honors and awards obtained.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship : Recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees in fields within NSF's mission.

2017 Awardee : Abigail Loneker (current UG)
Drake Pedersen (former UG)
Olivia Creasey (former UG)
Alexander Josowitz (former UG)
2017 Honorable Mention : Michael Griffin (former UG)
Emily Mihalko (current UG)
2016 Awardee : Emmiline Blanchard (former UG)
Lauren Hapach (former UG)
2016 Honorable Mention : Luke Dranch (current UG)
Alexander Josowitz (current UG)
Saundria Moed (current UG)
Olivia Creasy (former UG)
Kevin Day (former UG)
Christopher Siviy (former UG)
Olivia Creasy (former undergraduate)
2015 Awardee : Gerald Ferrer (current UG)
Michael Morais (current UG)
James Day (former UG)
Jenna Dziki (former UG)
Alexis Nolfi (former UG)
Olivia Telford (former UG)
2015 Honorable Mention : Drake Pedersen (current UG)
Olivia Creasy (former UG)
Kevin Day (former UG)
Ashley Nielsen (former UG)
Wilton Snead (former UG)
2014 Awardee : Benjamin Dichter (former UG)
Joshua Mealey (former UG)
2014 Honorable Mention : Jenna Dziki (current UG)
Zhannetta Gugel (current UG)
Kara Bocan (former UG)
Daniel Browe (former UG)
Antionia Curtin (former UG)
Rebecca Gerth (former UG)
Ashley Nielsen (former UG)
Olivia Telford (former UG)

Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program : Sends emerging leaders in U.S. biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) to an international destination to undertake a self-designed project that will enhance their own careers within the field.

2016 Awardee : Alexander Josowitz
Saundria Moed
2015 Awardee : Daniel Freer
Drake Pedersen

Barry M Goldwater Scholarship : Established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry Goldwater, the purpose is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue research careers in these fields.

2014 Honorable Mention : Angela Beck


George Washington Prize : In the name of the first president of the United States and first engineer, George Washington, and to reinforce the importance of engineering and technology in sustaining and enhancing the visibility of the profession within our society, the George Washington Prize is presented annually to an undergraduate senior in the Swanson School of Engineering who demonstrates qualities of academic excellence, service and leadership.

2017 Awardee : Ivy Shi
2017 Finalist : Abigail Loneker
2016 Finalist : Nathan Smialek
2015 Awardee : Dhanalakshmi Thiyagarajan
2015 Finalist : Ma Luo
2014 Finalist : Hunter Eason
2014 Finalist : Karuna Relwani


Emma W. Locke Award : To a graduating senior in recognition of high scholarship, character, and devotion to the ideal of the University of Pittsburgh.

2017 Award : Abigail Loneker

Omicron Delta Kappa : For meritorious leadership in extracurricular activities, superior scholarship, and campus citizenship with an emphasis on the development of the whole person, both as a member of the college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society.

2017 Finalist : Ivy Shi
2016 Finalist : Alexander Josowitz
2015 Awardee : Dhanalakshmi Thiyagarajan
2014 Finalist : Maria Munsch

Brackenridge Research Fellowship : The Brackenridge Fellowships support University of Pittsburgh undergraduates conducting independent research projects under the direction of a faculty mentor.

2016-2017 Awardees : Uma Balakrishnan
2015-2016 Awardees : Alexandria Delazio
Shushma Gudla
Kevin Woeppel
2014-2015 Awardees : Iman Benbourenane
Kyle Berkow
Gregory Brunette
Luke Drnach
2013-2014 Awardees : Ali Aneizi
Patrick Bianconi
Connie Chen
Hunter Eason
Matthew Lefkowitz
Felix Nguyen
Linn Zhang

Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship : The Chancellor's Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship is offered to encourage the enrichment of course offerings and to improve teaching through the collaboration of faculty members with students in the planning and implementation of creative teaching projects.

2014-2015 Awardees : Meghana Patil
Dhruv Srinivasachar
2013-2014 Awardee : Niaz Khan


Outstanding Senior Awards : Awarded by the Department and each Concentration to the student who has exemplary scholarship and service to the department.

2017 Awardees : Abigal Loneker (Department of Bioengineering)
Ivy Shi (Department of Bioengineering)
Emily Kieffer (President, BMES UG Chapter)
Jennifer Cortes (Bioimaging and Signals Concentration)
Isaac Hong Wong (Bioimaging and Signals Concentration)
Kyle Berkow (Biomechanics Concentration)
Lia Winter (Cellular Engineering Concentration)
Taylor Jones (Medical Product Engineering Concentration)
2016 Awardees : Khaled Abdelrahman (Department of Bioengineering)
Angela Beck (Department of Bioengineering)
Luke Drnach (Bioimaging and Signals Concentration)
Matthew Pesche (Bioimaging and Signals Concentration)
Mitchell Clough (Biomechanics Concentration)
Alexander Josowitz (Cellular Engineering Concentration)
Nathan Smialek (Medical Product Engineering Concentration)
2015 Awardees : Drake Pedersen (Department of Bioengineering)
Yashar Assi (Biomechanics Concentration)
Michael Morais (Biosignals and Imaging Concentration)
Dhruv Srinivasachar (Cellular Engineering Concentration)
Tyler West (Medical Device Engineering Concentration)
2014 Awardees : Hunter Eason (Department of Bioengineering)
Devon Albert (Biomechanics Concentration)
Michael Randazzo (Biosignals and Imaging Concentration)
Rohit Rao (Cellular Engineering Concentration)
Juliana Bursic (Medical Device Engineering Concentration)