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Senior Design

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 Bioengineering Senior Design is a unique two-semester capstone course sequence
  BIOENG 1160 - Bioengineering Design 1
  BIOENG 1161 - Bioengineering Design 2
that addresses numerous considerations in the design process, including

  1. needs assessment coupled with use a modified Osterwalder business model canvas to identify, refine, update, and challenge the proposed value proposition and customer archetype(s) for the design project;
  2. introduction to the unique requirements of the medical design process as required by the FDA’s Quality System Regulation, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) reimbursement requirements, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight of human subjects investigations;
  3. introduction to state-of-the-art tools in computer-aided design (Solidworks), computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and statistical design of experiments (DesignExpert);
  4. assessment/prediction of component and product reliability; and
  5. introduction to and use of low-, medium-, and high-resolution prototyping, fabrication, and production techniques used in the medical product industry.