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Bioengineers can study abroad!!

Most companies that employ bioengineers are engaged in multinational activities with a multinational workforce. Bioengineers must develop skills that allow them to work effectively in a global context. The Department of Bioengineering believes that the most effective way for undergraduates to develop such skills is through an international experience that provides cultural as well as educational context and that every undergraduate student should have an international experience. International experiences (i.e., study abroad) take many forms:

  • Short programs (two to four weeks abroad)
  • Full semester programs
  • Research internships
  • Co-op internships

Bioengineering students have studied engineering in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Viet Nam, China, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, and other locations. The Department of Bioengineering works closely with the Swanson School of Engineering's International Program Office to tailor individual experiences for our students. Visit

to learn more about what it means to practice engineering on a global scale. Many programs and options are available. Don't hesitate to ask questions about how you can craft your own international experience at Pitt!