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BIOENG 2150 : Medical Product Ideation (Fall)

Medical Product Ideation

Instructor: Hirschman
Credits: 3

Term(s) Offered: Fall: Yes Spring: No Summer: No

A didactic class that explores the principles and use of “ethnography” as a tool to observe and document clinical activity in order to draft a clear statement of a clinical problem in need of solution and methods for concept generation to identify potential solutions.

Instructor permission.

Students will be able to describe and use ethnographical techniques in identifying workplace problems and be able to describe and use concept generation methods to develop potential solutions.

Topics Covered:
Ethnography in the workplace
Group brainstorming
Morphological analysis
Basic human factors design

Other Information:All registered students must provide a certificate from the Associate Dean's Office compliance with Clinical Site Student Certification requirements (see link below).

Additional Link: https://www.engineering.pitt.edu/Departments/Bioengineering/_Content/Programs/Undergraduate/BioE-UG-Guidebook---Clinical-Site-Certification/