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CampBioE 2019 Waitlist Registration
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Week 1: July 8-12
Week 2: July 15-19
Week 3: July 22-26
Week 4: July 29-Aug 2
Did you Participate Last Year?

If a spot opens, these are the associated fees for the camp:

Camp Fee: $440 before June 1, 2019, $490 after June 1, 2019  ***Only Checks/MoneyOrders accepted
After registration is complete, please send
check payable to 'The University of Pittsburgh' to the following address:

Dan Gongaware 
300 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Free Registration

**NEW requirements for free registration to the 2019 CampBioE program**

For 2019, you are eligible to receive free registration to the camp if your household qualifies for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for Pennsylvania. The eligibility guidelines are based strictly on household income and can be found at https://www.benefits.gov/benefit/2013. We are no longer offering  free registration based on school district or minority status. This applies to all applicants in each week of the camp (including the fourth week reserved for URM students). If you qualify for free registration, please indicate that on your application. You may be asked to provide proof at check-in on the first day of camp. Any questions may be addressed to Erin Schuetz (eeschuetz@pitt.edu).


Yes, I qualify for free registration
Online Waivers

Each participant must complete waivers in order to participate in CampBioE. We have provided a quick and easy online option through Docusign. Please check the box below to agree to complete this part of registration online.

If you do not agree to complete the forms online, we will send you a paper copy of the waivers, which you must complete prior to the start of camp. If these waivers are not complete by the start of camp, your child cannot participate.


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