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2016 Bamboo in the Urban Environment Symposium

With support from a US State Department IIE Global Innovation Institute (GII) award, a Symposium entitled Bamboo in the Urban Environment was held at the University of Pittsburgh May 4-6, 2016. The symposium and GII project brings together leading experts to enable the safe use of bamboo in urban centers. The resulting collaborative research – involving engineering, architecture and forestry researchers from around the world – has significant technical and social relevance through its potential to reduce the cost and environmental impact of safe housing for a significant proportion of the world’s population. This work addresses the global grand challenges of urbanization and resilience in the face of natural hazards and climate change through facilitating the use of a renewable ‘green’ material.

Participation in the symposium was by invitation – 40 participants, representing 14 countries and territories attended. Technical presentations and the keynote lecture were recorded and archived (below) allowing access by the broadest possible international audience.


Pittsburgh Declaration

2017 Bamboo Symposium

Links to Presentations

Earth and Bamboo: Experience from Nepal Adhikary
Welcome and introduction of delegates Harries
Welcome from INBAR (McAlpine and Frith) and IEE (Patton)
Bamboo Materials Testing –Progress and Challenges Harries
Flexural properties as a basis for bamboo strength grading Jangra
Study of Bending Properties of Some Indonesian Bamboo Culm Based on Deflection and Ultrasonic Wave Velocity Methods Nugroho
Allowable Stress and Reference Resistance of Bamboo Tri Bahtiar
Codes and Standards
Structural Bamboo and the Building Codes Sands
Present and Future of Design and Building Code Specifications for Bamboo Structures Correal
Structural design of bamboo guadua angustifolia Kunth buildings designed according to the requirements of the NSR-10, Title G.12 Gonzalez
Improved connections for guadua angustifolia structures taking advantage of the ductile behavior under compression along the transverse axes García
Sustainability of Social Housing in Asia: A Holistic Multi-Perspective Development Process for Bamboo-Based Construction in the Philippines Lopez
Fire resistance properties of bamboo and “bahareque” type bamboo frames Webb
Engineered Bamboo
Keynote Lecture: Research and development of engineered bamboo structures - a state of the art report Xiao
Development of Engineered Bamboo for Structural Design Sharma
Mechanical properties of laminated bamboo lumber Haitao
Densification technologies as a way forward to the development of structural engineered bamboo products Sharma for Archila
Bamboo builds dream – to create a healthy life Xiong
LVB – Definitions and Testing Procedure Maxwell
Applications &
Bamboo Research and Development in Puerto Rico Acevedo
Growing Bamboo in the United States Linn
Introducing Bamboo as a Non-Conventional Construction Material to the Higher Education in Ethiopia Nuramo
Prosperity through Full Culm Geodesic Structures Zook
Bamboo Academic Management (BAM) Avraham