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Making Research Work
Office of Research Operations & Business Engagement

The SSoE Office of Research Operations & Business Engagement is helping to Make Research Work @ Pitt.

The University of Pittsburgh operates dozens of advanced laboratories and shared research facilities positioned to serve industry.

Some of the most advanced equipment in the world can be used to serve your company’s research and development needs. Our facilities (and expert faculty) available include:

  • Nanotechnology (Characterization & Fabrication)
  • Active/Passive RFID & Internet of Things
  • Additive Manufacturing
Coming Soon
  • Electric Power
  • Energy Conversion & Storage Technology
  • High Temperature Corrosion Testing
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Catalysis Testing

Offering multiple pathways to engage these resources, our faculty and staff can perform work in a fee-for-service mode, or can train your staff to work in our facilities in third-party on-site service. These, along with other engagement pathways, allow the University of Pittsburgh to provide access to advanced research technology and our world class faculty to serve your company’s needs.

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How to Engage:

Brian Vidic
Executive Director of Office of Research Operations & Business Engagement

Phone: 412-624-8101

You can also contact us at makingresearchwork@pitt.edu or calling us at
412-624-MRW1 (6791).