Assessment and Evaluation Tools

We provide assessment and evaluation services for proposals and grants. Please contact Mary Besterfield-Sacre and Larry Shuman for more information. The following are assessment instruments and references associated with measuring different aspects of engineering student learning.  Please contact Drs. Mary Besterfield-Sacre or Larry Shuman prior to using an instrument. Note web versions are available for all instruments.

The following two papers provide our overarching philosophy regarding assessment and measuring students’ learning.

  • Besterfield-Sacre, M. and LJ Shuman. “The Future of Assessment.” Designing Better Engineering Education Through Assessment: A Practical Resource for Faculty and Department Chairs on Using Assessment and ABET Criteria to Improve Student Learning, edited by Spurlin, J., Rajala, S., & Lavelle, J., 307-327.  Sterling, Va: Stylus Publishing (2008).
  • Shuman, L.J., M. Besterfield-Sacre, and J. McGourty. “The ABET ‘Professional Skills’ – Can they be Taught? Can they be Assessed?” Journal of Engineering Education 94, no 1 (2005): 41 - 55.