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Cui, Xinyan Tracy
Bioengineering Department
Cui, Xinyan Tracy
William Kepler Whiteford Professor & Associate Editor, Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Office: 5057 Bioscience Tower 3 3501 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260
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PhD in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 1998-2002

MS in Biophysics, Tsinghua University, 1994-1997

BS in Polymer Materials and Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, 1989-1994


Conducting polymer

Implant coatings


Neural electrode tissue interface

Neural engineering

On demand drug delivery

(2013) Carnegie Science Award Emerging Female Scientist.

(2013) PKU Engineering Globex Fellow.

(2013) Visiting Professor, Taiyuan Institute of Technology.

(2008) National Science Foundation Career Award.

(2005) The Wallace Coulter Foundation Early Career Award.

(2000) Charles G. Overberger Award for Research Excellence.

(1999) Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship Award.

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Cui, X., "ELECTRODE SYSTEM, DEVICES AND METHODS," US Patent, Application #: 12/164,692.

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Journal of Material Chemistry, B Associate Editor