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Khanna, Vikas
Civil & Environmental Engr
Khanna, Vikas
Grad Coordinator
Associate Professor
Office: 218G Benedum Hall
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PhD in Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2004-2009

MS in Applied Statistics, The Ohio State University, 2005-2007

BE in Chemical Engineering, University Institute of Chemical Engineering Technology, Panjab University, 1997-2001

MS in Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University

Complex systems

Industrial ecology

Life cycle assessment

Sustainability science and engineering

(2016) 2015 Best Papers of Environmental Science and Technology, First Runner-up Award

(2013) Selected to US National Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Engineering Education Symposium held in Irvine, CA

(2008) Presidential Fellowship, The Ohio State University

(2008) Third Place Poster Award, Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology

(2007) Christine Mirzayan US National Academies Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship, Washington DC

(2007) First Place Award, Graduate Student Technical Paper Contest IEEE, International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment, Orlando, FL

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