June 21, 2011

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort,
Farmington, Pennsylvania

The US National Committee on
Biomechanics is proud to sponsor a
one-day Symposium on the
Mechanics of Development. The
meeting will precede the ASME
2011 Summer Bioengineering
Conference in Farmington,

Program & Abstracts (updated 6/20)   

Program includes:  

Wayne Brodland, University of Waterloo
Jonathan Butcher, Cornell University
Lance Davidson, University of Pittsburgh
Douglas DeSimone, University of Virginia Health Sciences
Andrew Ewald, Johns Hopkins University
M. Shane Hutson, Vanderbilt University
Roger Kamm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Celeste Nelson, Princeton University
Beth Roman, University of Pittsburgh
Larry Taber, Washington University in St. Louis
Eric Wieschaus, Princeton University

2011 Summer Bioengineering Conference
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort



In the fields of tissue engineering, synthetic
biology, and regenerative medicine, much
can be learned by studying how nature
creates tissues and organs in the embryo. Accordingly, the last decade has seen
rapidly expanding interest among engineers
in developmental mechanics. This Frontiers
Meeting will bring together biologists,
engineers, and biophysicists to discuss the
state of the art and future directions in this
exciting field.

Keynote Speakers include: 

Eric Wieschaus, Princeton University
(1995 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine)

Roger Kamm, M.I.T.
(Director of the Science and Technology Center on Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems, EBICS)

Register for 3rd Frontiers Meeting by June 10th  
(separate from the SBC Meeting registration)

ALERT - Rooms will be released May 18th.

The deadline to submit an Abstract (May 13th) has passed.

Conference Co-Chairs:
Larry Taber (lat@biomed.wustl.edu) and
Lance Davidson (lad43@pitt.edu)