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Prof. Tevis Jacobs
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Jacobs, Tevis
Assistant Professor
Office: 538E Benedum Hall
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PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

MSc in Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, 2006

MPhil in Computer Modeling of Materials, Churchill College, Cambridge University, 2004

BSc in Mechanical Engineering, also Materials Science & Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2003

(2013) American Vacuum Society Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Scholarship Award.

(2012) Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award, Gold Medal.

(2011) Geoffrey Belton Graduate Fellowship Award, University of Pennsylvania, Materials Science.

(2011) National Science Foundation IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship).

(2011) Peter Blau Best Poster Award, International Conference on the Wear of Materials.

(2010) Young Tribologist Award, Society for Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.

(2006) O. Cutler Shepard Award for Outstanding Masters of Science Student, Stanford University.

(2004) National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

(2004) Stanford Graduate Fellowship.

(2003) Thouron Award for graduate study in the UK.

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