The Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) educational mission is threefold:

      1) to educate engineering students in aspects of medical product design and development process through being involved in meaningful, real-world projects;
      2) to educate medical students and clinicians in engineering methodology in developing solutions to their problems; and
      3) to educate business and law students on the unique contributions that those professions make in development of new medical technology.

The Department of Bioengineering offers two formal educational programs that enable the CMI educational mission:

      1) Professional Master of Science in Bioengineering - Medical Product Engineering , admission to which is by application to and acceptance from the Department of Bioengineering only ; and
      2) Graduate Certificate in Medical Product Innovation , which can be earned by students in any graduate program in the University upon completion of certificate requirements. Additionally, post-baccalaureate and post-professional students interested in obtaining the Certificate only can apply to the Department of Bioengineering for admission to the Certificate program.

To apply, please visit the Graduate Admissions Page on the Swanson School of Engineering website.

To schedule a meeting with Dr. Kilichan Gurleyik make an appointment using his Acuity Scheduling Calendar

For questions on CMI Research contact Dr. Alan Hirschman at alh138@pitt.edu