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Bidanda, Bopaya
Engr-Dept Chairperson's Office, Industrial Engineering
Bidanda, Bopaya
Ernest Roth Professor and Department Chair
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Bopaya Bidanda is currently the Ernest E. Roth Professor and Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.  His research focuses on Manufacturing Systems, Reverse Engineering and Project Management.  He has published nine books and over 100 papers in international journals and conference proceedings.  Recent (edited) books include books published by Springer Inc., on Virtual Prototyping & Bio-manufacturing in Medical applications, and on Bio-materials and Prototyping Applications. He has also given invited and keynote talks in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.   He also helped initiate and institutionalize the Engineering Program on the Semester at Sea voyage in 2004. 

He has previously served as the President of the Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH) and on the Board of Trustees of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.  He has also served on International Advisory Boards of universities in India and South America.   

Dr. Bidanda is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and currently serves as a Commissioner with the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.  In 2004, he was appointed a Fulbright Senior Specialist by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and the U.S. Department of State.  He received the 2012 John Imhoff Award for Global Excellence in Industrial Engineering given by the American Society for Engineering Education.  He also received the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) 2012 Award for Global Excellence in Engineering Education in Buenos Aires and also the 2013 Albert Holzman Award Distinguished Educator Award given by the Institute of Industrial Engineers. In recognition of his service to the engineering discipline, medical community and the University of Pittsburgh, he was honored with the 2014 Chancellors Distinguished Public Service Award.   


Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1987

M.S. in Science & Technology, Western Carolina University, 1983

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology (ex KREC - Surathkal, University of Mysore), 1976

Cellular Manufacturing

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

New Product Development

Production Systems

Rapid Prototyping

Reverse Engineering

Shared Manufacturing

  • Invited Keynote Speaker, 2nd International Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing, Singapore, May 2016.
  • Chancellors Award for Distinguished Public Service, University of Pittsburgh (2014)
  • Albert Holzman Distinguished Educator Award, conferred by the Institute of Industrial Engineers, May 2013.
  • International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) Award for Global Excellence in Engineering Education, Buenos Aires, October 2012
  • John Imhoff Award for Global Excellence in Industrial Engineering Education, presented by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), San Antonio, June 2012
  • Commissioner, Engineering Accreditation Commission (2011-2016)
  • Board of Trustees, Institute of Industrial Engineers ((2006).
  • Faculty Honor Roll (2005), School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh.  Award for Outstanding Professor (voted by students).
  • Chair, Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH). This council represents IE department heads across the United States and in many other countries.       (May 2005)
  • Senior Specialist, (J. Fulbright-Hays Foundation & U.S. Department of State), The Universidad de Montevideo (Fall 2004).
  • Carnegie Science Center Award for Higher Education (Honorable Mention) (2004), for developing an innovative, interdisciplinary course in Product Realization along with faculty members from Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering.
  • 2002 Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Member of the Board, International Foundation for Production Research (2003-present)
  • Outstanding Professor Award, Ind. Engr., Univ of Pittsburgh, 1996  (voted by students)
  • Whiteford Faculty Fellow, (1995-199)
  • The Alcoa Manufacturing Systems Faculty Fellow, (1991-1995)
  • The Board of Visitors Award – awarded to a single faculty member each year for outstanding Research Productivity and Service, (1993-94) 


Authored/Edited Books

THE BUSINESS OF HUMANITY (manuscript to be submitted in December 2016), Camillus, Bidanda, Chandramohan)

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: from Evolution to Maturity, Eds: David Cleland & Bopaya Bidanda) Project Management Institute, ISBN-10: 1628250682, 2015.

GLOBAL LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT, (Editors: Kara, Sabuncuoglu, Bidanda), 2015, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), ISBN 978-1-4822-2694-2.

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS IN EMERGING COUNTRIES, 2015, (Editors: Sabuncuoglu, Kara, Bidanda), CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), ISBN 978-1-4822-2689-8.

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING NON-TRADITIONAL APPLICATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL SETTINGS, (Editors: Bidanda, Sabuncuoglu, Kara), 2014,CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), ISBN 978-1-4822-2687-4.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT CIRCA 2025, Project Management Institute, 2009. (Editors: David Cleland and Bopaya Bidanda), ISBN 978-1-933890-96-8

VIRTUAL PROTOTYPING & BIO-MANUFACTURING IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS, Springer Science Publishers, 2008.  (Editors: Bopaya Bidanda and Paulo Bartolo).  ISBN: 978-0-387-33429-5

BIO-MATERIALS AND PROTOTYPING APPLICATIONS IN MEDICINE, under preparation for publication by Springer Science Publishers, 2007.  (Editors: Paulo Bartolo and Bopaya Bidanda). ISBN: 978-0-387-47682

SHARED MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1993. Co-Author with D.I. Cleland & S. Dharwadkar.

THE AUTOMATED FACTORY HANDBOOK: TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, Tab Professional and Reference Books (Division of McGraw-Hill), Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 1990, Co-Editor with D.I. Cleland.

Refereed Journals

Chen Z., Fu F., Bidanda B., Instant Production Replenishment and Coordination mechanism for short life cycle and deteriorating item with stock-dependent demand, International Journal of System Science: Operations & Logistics, 2016.

  Chen Z., Chen C., Bidanda B., Optimal inventory replenishment, production, and promotion effect with risks of production disruption and stochastic demand, Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering, 2016.

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Bidanda B., Hu. G., Shankar M.R., Abolghasem S., Basu S., Assessing the Environmental Footprint of Manufactured Products:  A Survey of Current Literature, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 146, Issue 2, (2013), Pages 515-523. 

Desai S., Bidanda B., & Lovell M., Material and process Selection in product design using decision-making techniques (AHP), European Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2012.

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Hu G. and Bidanda B., Modeling Sustainable Product Life Cycle Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Production Economics (2009), Volume 122, Issue 1, p. 366-375

  • Invited Keynote Speaker, , Emerging Trends in Reverse Engineering, Singapore (2016)
  • Invited keynote speaker, Workshop on Global Engineering Education, Uninove, Sao Paolo, Brazil. (2016)
  • Keynote Speaker, 1st International Conference on Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering, Amman, Jordan, November 2014.
  • Keynote Speaker, Asian Network of Industrial Engineering Conference, Xian, (2014)
  • Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Industrial Engineering & Industrial Management (ICIEOM 2014), Malaga, Spain (2014)
  • Invited keynote speaker, International Conference of Industrial Engineering & Operations Management, Salvador, Brazil (October 2013).
  • Invited keynote speaker, 17th biennial National Israeli Engineering & Management Conference, Tel Aviv (March 2012)
  • Invited keynote speaker, 53rd National Convention of the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, New Delhi (December 2011)
  • Invited keynote speaker, International Conference of Industrial Engineering & Operations Management,Belo Horizonte, Brazil (October 2011).
  • Invited Plenary Speaker, Indian Science Congress, ‘Educating the Indian Scientist/Engineer of 2025: Challenges & Opportunities (Jan 2011)


Wu, S., Balaban, C., Sochats, K., Kelley, M.H., Bidanda, B., and Shuman, L.J., 2012, "Dynamic discrete decision simulation system," US Patent 8,204,836.