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Prof. Scott Mao
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Mao, Scott
Office: 538D Benedum Hall
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PhD in Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Tohoku University, 1988

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Tohoku University, 1985

B.Sc. in Solid Mechanics, Beijing University of Aeronautics, 1982

Energy materials for li battery

In-situ transmission electron microscope on deformation and fracture

Interfacial materials

Metallic glass and semiconductor nanowires

Metallic nanowires

Nanocrystalline materials

Nanoscale materials

(2006) Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award.

(2005) William Kepler Whiteford Professor.

(2004) Chinese Overseas Young Outstanding Award B.

(2002) Exemplary Service Award (TMS).

(1999) Leighton E. & Mary N. Orr Faculty Fellow.

(1997) Department Research Excellence Award.

(1997) UC Faculty Research Excellence Award.

(1993) Engineering Students' Society Teaching Excellence Award.

(1993) Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award.

(1991) Esso Research Excellence Award.

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