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Jacobs, Steven P
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jacobs, Steven P
Associate Professor
Office: 1207 Benedum Hall
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DSc in Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1993-1996

MS in Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1987-1990

BS in Electrical Engineering, Washington University, 1983-1987

(2005) Robert O. Agbede Award for Diversity.

(1990) Murphy Fellowship.

(1989) Mudd Fellowship.

Chein, J.M., Fissell, K., Jacobs, S., and Fiez, J.A., 2002, "Functional heterogeneity within Broca┬╣s area during verbal working memory. Physiology and Behavior,within Broca's area during verbal working memory," in Physiology and Behavior, pp. 635-639.

2000, "Automatic Target Recognition Using Sequences of High Resolution Radar Range-Profiles," IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems.

Atkins, J.N., Jacobs, S., Wieand, S., Smith, R., John, W., Renshaw, G., Colangelo, L., Jr., C., and Wolmark, N., 2003, "Premetrexed and oxaliplatin for first-line treatment of patients with advanced colorectal cancer: A phase II trial of the NSABP Foundation Research Program.," ASCO.