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Vidic, Natasa S.
Industrial Engineering
Vidic, Natasa S.
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Office: 1032 Benedum
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Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2008

M.S. in Operations Research, University of Delaware, 1992

B.S. in Civil/Transportation Engineering, University of Belgrade, 1987

Improving engineering students┬┐ learning strategies through models and modeling

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Kelmendi-Doko, A., MArra, K.G., Vidic, N.S., Tan, H., and Rubin, J.P., 2014, "Adipogenic Factor-Loaded Microspheres Increase Retention of Transplanted Adipose Tissue," Tissue Engineering, Part A.

Barbot, E., Vidic, N.S., Gregory, K., and Vidic, R.D., 2013, "Spatial and Temporal Correlation of Water Quality Parameters of Produced Waters from Devonian-age Shale following Hydraulic Fracturing," Environmental Science & Technology, vol.47, pp. 2562-2569.

Vidic, N., and Norman, B., 2006, "Dynamics of two-worker two-stations line with worksharing," INFORMS Conference, Pittsburgh.

Vidic, N., and Norman, B., "Dynamic Assignment: One-cycle and two-cycle math formulations," INFORMS Conference, Washington, DC.

Vidic, N.S., Norman, B., Besterfield-sacre, M.E., and Halverson, E., "Understanding and evaluating scheduling practices in urban high schools," INFORMS Conference, Pittsburgh.