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Neuromuscular Control and Robotics Laboratory

The focus of our laboratory is to develop robust control algorithms for hybrid rehabilitation interventions that utilize a functional electrical stimulation device and a robotic system. Some of the projects that we are currently working on are related to the following goal:

Restoring Walking and Standing Functions

The long term goal of our laboratory is to restore walking and standing functions in persons with the sensory and motor deficits by using an active orthosis and a functional electrical stimulation (FES) device. Primarily, our focus is to design robust and optimal control methods that sustain walking and standing function for longer time duration. Currently, longer walking duration is not feasible due to the muscle fatigue associated with FES. Other than the invasive methods which recruit limb muscles more selectively and naturally, the walking duration can also be increased by: 1) using an active orthosis working in conjunction with a non-invasive FES device and 2) using an optimized control algorithm which is metabolically efficient and minimizes muscle fatigue associated with FES.

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