Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Start: Mar 20, 2017 12:00 PM
End: Mar 25, 2017 10:00 PM
Benedum Hall

Nicknamed "E-Week" is a week of friendly engineering competitions between the various engineering discipline departments. More information to come as the week of events approaches. Check the Engineering Student Council (ESC) webpage for more updates!

Monday (3/20):

9-10 am on the Benedum Ground Floor: Standards Judging

11-1 pm on Benedum Patio: E-Week Kickoff

2-6 pm in 102 Benedum: Blood Drive

8:30-10:30 pm in Benedum 102: AntiEngineering Bee

Tuesday (3/21):

11-12 pm on Benedum Ground Floor: Mystery Eats

1-2 pm in Benedum Hall: Consol Scavenger Hunt

8:30-10:30 pm in Benedum 157: Talent Show

Wednesday (3/22):

10-11 am on Benedum Ground Floor: Enginuity/American Bridge Design Competition

2-6 pm on Benedum 1st Floor Lobby: Pittopoly

8:30-10:30 pm in Benedum 157: Mr. Benedum

Thursday (3/23):

1-2 pm on Benedum Patio: BASF Drink Mix-Off

3-4 pm: NNL Jenga

5-6 pm on Benedum Ground Floor: Eaton Blind Maze

8:30-10:30 in Benedum 102: Jeopardy

Friday (3/24):

10-12 pm on Benedum Patio: Parade & Skits

3-5 pm on Benedum Patio: Rockwell Benedum Relays

Saturday (3/25:

12-3 pm in Bellefield Hall: Olympics

7-11 pm at University Club: E-BallĀ 


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