• Community Partners 


     Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT) 

    Website: www.qolt.org

    The Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Center is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center that was created to transform the lives of people with reduced functional capabilities due to aging or disability. Two of the four fundamental areas of research are Perception and Awareness, and Human-System Interaction.


     Western PA School for Blind Children (WPSBC) 

    Website: www.wpsbc.org

    The Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children (WPSBC) is a one-of-a-kind educational facility committed to training visually impaired students with additional disabilities. Founded more than 120 years ago, no other agency in the western half of the Commonwealth is better equipped to care for and educate blind children with severe concomitant disabilities. The School educates approximately 175 students, who may enroll at age three and can continue until 21. All programs and services are available without charge to the parents of students. The School receives an annual appropriation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with additional funding from foundation and corporation grants, individual contributions, the income from endowment and similar funds.


    Community Human Services Corporation (CHSC) 

    Website: www.chscorp.org

    CHSC is located on Lawn Street in the South Oakland neighborhood. It's fundamental mission is the revitalization of the Oakland neighborhoods which it works towards by providing a variety of neighborhood services. These services not only aim to assist local youth, families, and the homeless, but also serve to forge relationships and lines of communication between long time residents and newer residents affiliated with the universities.


    Hazelwood Initiative 

    Website: www.hazelwoodhomepage.org

    The Hazelwood Initiative (HI) is an organization whose Mission and Goal is dedicated to the betterment of the Hazelwood neighborhood. The mission of the Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. (HI) is to act s a catalyst for the revitalization of the Greater Hazelwood community by working in collaboration with the city, county and state representatives. HI provides effective leadership and facilitation to create a healthy community through community planning, business redevelopment, affordable housing development, homeowner reinvestment, and youth programming. HI also serves as a vehicle to address resident concerns and accomplishments relating to various city services and to all community stakeholders. HI was the driving force that lead to the development of the "Master Development Planning in Hazelwood and Junction Hollow" document which set forth a plan to work towards their goal. It's office is located at 5125 Second Avenue in Hazelwood.


     Hill House Association 

    Website: www.hillhouse.org

    The Hill House Association is located in the Hill District of Pittsburgh and provides a comprehensive array of services to the surrounding neighborhoods. The Hill House serves clients through five strategic program areas: early learning and child development, youth services, family and workforce development, senior services and neighborhood services. In addition, the agency offers complementary health and human services to its clients through 10 tenant agencies that reside on the Hill House campus.

    The Hill House Association is currently working with Denys Candy, the managing partner of The Community Partners Institute, to support the Find the Rivers! partnership whose goal is to generate sustainable links from within Hill District communities to the economic and recreational opportunities along the Allegheny river to the north and the Monongahela river to the south.


     Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy 

    Website: www.pittsburghparks.org

    The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is an organization whose Mission is dedicated to the four great parks of Pittsburgh, including Schenley Park which is part of the Oakland area in which University of Pittsburgh is located.


    Oakland Planning & Development Corporation (OPDC) 

    Website: www.oaklandplanning.org

    OPDC was founded by Community Human Services Corporation and Peoples Oakland in 1980 to serve as a development organization for the Oakland neighborhood. It's Mission is to work with and engage the community residents in planning and development activities that benefit the Oakland neighborhoods. They work to connect people and organizations with diverse concerns and perspectives, based on shared goals arrived at through open dialogue and direct action. The result is an economically stronger, more culturally cohesive, more action-oriented, and more actively employed, engaged and inclusive Oakland community. OPDC is located at 235 Atwood Street.


     Oakland Transportation Management Association 

    Website: http://www.otma-pgh.org/

    OTMA serves the Oakland community through advocacy and provision of information to encourage good transportation choices by commuters, residents and visitors alike with the goal of increasing the use of modes other than the automobile. These alternative modes will reduce congestion and improve the quality of the street environment and therefore the quality of life in Oakland.


     Disability Resources and Services (DRS) 

    Website: www.drs.pitt.edu

    DRS is a department within the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, and is located in RM 216 of the William Pitt Union. In the spring semester of 2006, 2 teams of the pilot ENGR 0715 service learning course worked with Lynett van Slyke of DRS, who had identified a need for an interactive map which aided in the identification and description of the accessible entrances to all academic buildings of the university. The students designed and developed this web page in addition to obtaining and if necessary, measuring the details for each entrance. This map is currently online and can be found on the DRS home website by clicking Campus Map.

    each year the students work on a different project that helps the university provide better services for all the students on campus.


     Artificial Heart Program 

    Website: http://www.upmc.com

    UPMC’s Artificial Heart Program has treated more than 350 patients with mechanical circulatory support devices and has continued to uphold its long history as an international leader in this field. Through its combination of a superb clinical program and first-rate technical resources, UPMC has succeeded in vastly improving both patient survival and quality of life after implantation with mechanical circulatory support devices.


     Carnegie Science Center 

    Website: http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/

    Of the Carnegie Science Center's many exciting special programs for students and educators, Engineer the Future is it's premier National Engineers Week celebration. Hundreds of volunteers from regional corporations, organizations and universities introduce students to the creative science and technology of engineering through more than 50 fun, exciting and cutting-edge hands-on activities and demonstrations. Students are able to meet working engineers in the Pittsburgh community, and try their hands at solving real-world problems as well as exploring creative career opportunities.


     Lydia's Place 

    Website: http://www.lydiasplace.org/

    Lydia’s Place works to:· Help incarcerated and recently released women in Allegheny County address their addictions and become stable, productive members of society,· Help children and their caregivers cope with the traumatic separation from a parent,· Strengthen relationships between incarcerated mothers and their children,· Assist mothers as they make permanency decisions for their children,· Promote policy changes that better address the needs of incarcerated women and the children of prisoners.


     Family House 

    Website: http://www.familyhouse.org/

    Family House, a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation operated by a voluntary board of directors, provides a special "home away from home" for patients and/or families who must travel to Pittsburgh for treatment of serious or life-threatening illnesses. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Pittsburgh community, Family House is able to provide a comfortable haven to help our guests through stressful times.


     Pittsburgh Green Innovators 

    Website: http://www.pghgreeninnovators.org/

    Pittsburgh Green Innovators is a non-profit organization committed to growing a vibrant green economy and community by collaboratively leveraging regional strengths through innovation, education, workforce development, and cultivation of sustainable business opportunities.


     University of Pittsburgh Facilities Management 

    Website: http://www.facmgmt.pitt.edu/

    University of Pittsburgh Facilities Management is a department within the University of Pittsburgh.