Pitt | Swanson Engineering

Jacalyn Sharp

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
High School: Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy

Why I Chose Pitt

Choosing Pitt was easy, not just because of how prestigious and well known the Swanson School of Engineering is, but because the city is our campus. Along with having the vast resources of a large public university but the attention and care of a small private University, Pitt holds the key to the entire Pittsburgh region and gives back to the community by working co-ops at local businesses, serving during Pitt Make a Difference Day, and many other initiatives that connect Pitt students and the Pittsburgh area.

Advice to First Year Engineering Students

1) Go into your freshmen year thinking that it will be a challenge. If you do that, then chances are you will work harder and perform better than you expected.
2) EVERYONE got A's in high school. A lot of people participated in every club and had high AP scores. The point is you have to start over as a freshman and make a name for yourself. Get involved.
3) You can have fun as an engineer. Don't forget to enjoy yourself every once in a while and go to a football game. 

Extracurricular involvement

Currently I am a co-op at McConway & Torley, LLC a foundry in Lawrenceville. I am also a Resident Assistant at Panther Hall, an upper classmen residence hall, a coach for District 2 Hockey, and a member of ASME and SWE. I will be participating on an immersion program in Ireland, for the Irish Gaelic language. My goal is to one day own my own robotics-engineering firm that addresses making dangerous jobs safer such as bridge painting or fire fighting.