Pitt | Swanson Engineering

Alyssa Brown

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Glenn Dale, MD
High School: Elanor Roosevelt High School

Why you chose Pitt 

I chose Pitt because Pitt puts a strong emphasis on freshman retention, and I knew going in that I would be more likely to graduate with an Engineering degree. Additionally, being surrounded by so many hospitals, and just being in the city overall provided me with more educational and professional opportunities that lined up with my interests. All of the students at Pitt are so down to earth and relatable, and I knew that I would feel at home. I love Pitt and I wake up every day thanking myself for choosing to come here. 

Advice to First Year Engineering Students

Take advantage of your professors and classmates. Go to office hours even if you don't have any questions, and study in groups whenever you have the chance. That way, when you get stuck on a homework question you can get help right away instead of trying to go back to it later. If you can, I would suggest getting involved in a club during your first year because it makes Pitt feel a lot smaller, and it will usually provide you with at least one upperclassmen in your major who can act as a mentor to you. It's also a lot of fun. Have fun.

Extracurricular involvement 

I am a leader in Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am working with DesignHub on a project at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, and whenever I have time, I am always working on an art project of some kind. Before I graduate, I want to go on Co-op, study abroad, further my involvement in my community, and continue to gain leadership experience. And I want to have fun.