Pitt | Swanson Engineering

The Freshman Engineering Integrated Curriculum requires the work and cooperation between different engineering departments in addition to the School of Arts and Sciences. The faculty is particularly devoted to the students they teach and have an ongoing commitment to the success of this program. Below please find listed all of the faculty involved in the freshman engineering curriculum.


Angela Athanas
Frank Beautrous
Wayne Seelhorst
Shiting Bao
Robert Rosenbaum
Sheng Xiong
Neale Hahn
Christopher Lennard 


Dr. Len Kogut, CHEM0960
Dr. Susan Maleckar, CHEM0960
Dr. Adrian Michael, CHEM970
Carol Fortney, CHEM0110
George Bandik  


Jim Maher, PHYS475
Dr. James Mueller
David Snoke, PHYS174
Brian D'Urso, PHYS174


Dan Budny
Karen Bursic
Natasa Vidic
Luis Bon
Richard Schaub
Heather Meloy
Chad Eckert
Adam Balawejder

Writing Center Faculty

Beth Bateman Newborg
Deb Galle
Janine Carlock
Tamar Bernfield
Julianne McAdoo
Nancy Koerbel
Diane Kerr
Bill Kirchner
Carol Hamilton
Keely Bowers
Hans Mattingly
Dan Mcmillan
Travis Straub
Emelyn Fuhrman
Barbara Edelman

Library Staff

Judith Ann Brink