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Conference Sessions SSOE

Seventeenth Annual Freshman Conference Sessions
Saturday April 8, 2017

9:15 am - 9:45 am
Registration and Conference Instructions
First Floor Plaza of Benedum Hall

10:00 am - 11:45 am

Session A1
Topics 1

Chair: Suyesh Acharya, and
Anthony Pulleo
Co-Chair: Mikayla Ferchaw
Room Benedum 309
Session A2
Topics 2

Chair: Megan Boerio Ved
Co-Chair: Andjelka Potkonjak
Room Benedum 320
Session A3
Topics 3

Chair: Hannah Smith, and Eileen Burke
Co-Chair: Grace Bova
Room Benedum 318
Session A4
Topics 1

Chair: Mark Jeffrey
Co-Chair: Iman Basha
Room Benedum 938
Session A5
Topics 2

Chair: Robert Boback
Co-Chair: Marade Bergen
Room Benedum 102
Session A6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 1

Chair: Michael Reinhart
Co-Chair: Madeline Spiegel
Room Benedum 1044
Chouinard and Jordan

Sukinik and Meek

Short and Mcvaugh

Handa and Heron

Kassabian and Daniels



Kraft and Hammersley

Fritts and Gealy

Kickliter and Gentry

Le and Martier

Shulock and Lestourgeon

Keppel and Lettrich

Kendall and Dern

Dunkelberger and Kaseman

Lau and Feast

Garrison and Kolimago

Geisler and Paasewe

Head and Piscatelli

Anderson and Behne

Zimlinghaus and Thornton

Miller and Cichinsky

George and Evans

Corcoran and Weinstein

Levis and Sumner

Pyle and Chong

Thomas and Vastine

Zunino and Lutz

Wishon and Hinton

Seitz and Valenta

Goss and Axarlis

Moore and Mungin

Chu and Pinto

VIdic and Richards

Valvo and Waters

Lee and Kruger

Yusko and Choboy

Session A7
Topics 1

Chair: Mike Elisco
Co-Chair: Colleen Hilla
Room Benedum 229
Session A8
Topics 2

Chair: John Andes
Co-Chair: Rachel Lukas
Room Benedum 157
Session A9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 1

Chair: Louis Gualtieri, and
Nicholle Piper
Co-Chair: Emily Adelsohn
Room Benedum 319
Session A10
Civil and Environmental
Topics 2

Chair: Michael Larson-Edwards, and
Petros Neofotistos
Co-Chair: Sara Zahorchak
Room Benedum 158
Session A11
Topics 1

Chair: Adam Balawejder
Co-Chair: Samuel Birus
Room Benedum 226
Session A12
Topics 1

Chair: Rich Velan
Co-Chair: Nicholas Haver
Room Benedum 1211
Muszynski and Buonomo

Miao and Marani

Hiller and Page


Barbour and Jacobs

Harn and Farren

Adams and Swedish

Colangelo and Mack

Hastings and Dolce

Schecter and Haneman

Chang and Sitt

Colville and Grupp

Schloder and McMinn

Kuntz and Rees

Thompson and Lee

Minck and Witek

Sattler and Hawk

Menz and Clear

Piland and Hoover

Earls and Chen

Och and Price

Farrar and Bodnar

Kamath and Lardas

Litwack and Murphy

Rozploch and Krofchik

Snyder and Murthy

Vogel and March

Vickers and Tran

Rosati, Kpenkaan, and Carnevali-Doan

Preiss and Armistead

Le Brun and Singleton

Ryczek and Abidi

Zeeman and Granieri

Laurune and Westerman

Determan and Denoncour

Brady and Svensson

Case and Molczan

Agbim and Corbett


Session A13
Topics 3

Chair: Jim Hayes
Co-Chair: Kelly Appleton
Room Benedum 227
Session A14  
ENGR 0716 The Art of Making: An Introduction to Hands-On System Design and Engineering
Topics 1

Chair: Joseph Samosky
Room Benedum G34
Porter and Rice

Puckowitz and Cibos

Fordham and Miller

Benson and Smith

Haskins and Jackson

McCaffrey and Brown

MagNEAT-O: Using Induced Currents to Charge a Cellphone
Olivia Nolt, Justin Fernsler, Erin Cavanaugh, Darragh Johnston, Jonathan Perlman, Raza Sheikh

Tappin' Tones: Interactive Sheet Music to Make Learning Easy and Fun
Kirkland Porter, Zachary Hicks, Taraneh Jones, Benjamin Koo, Sarah Newton, Justin Peters, Luke Forrence

Kids Can: Enhancing Modified Activities for Those with Disabilities
Krutarth Amin, Nate Carnovale, Srujan Dadi, Elizabith Haeckler, Lydia Russel, Noah Nicolia

EyeLearn: A Method for Efficient Visual Learning
Sabrina Helbig, Annie Shi, Rebecca Linick, Ethan Vander Woude

Typing Tutor: Providing Structure and Direction for Typing Correctly
Sam Lindsay, Justin Weber, Alex Clewell, Nate Riek, Andrea Davis, Jake Baker

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11:45 am - 12:45 pm Lunch sponsored by Heinz Foundation 
Ground floor of Benedum Hall

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm Keynote by
Curtis Eshelman, Bettis Laboratory Site Director
157 Benedum Hall

1:15 - 1:45 pm Awards Presentation
First floor of Benedum Hall Room 157

2:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Session B1
Topics 4

Chair: Nadim Farhat, and Bhavik Shah
Co-Chair: Michelle Riffitts
Room Benedum 309
Session B2
Topics 5

Chair: Brandon Marshall, and Collins Dawson
Co-Chair: Morgan Austin
Room Benedum 320
Session B3
Topics 6

Chair: Dave Gau
Co-Chair: Lauren Fox
Room Benedum 318
Session B4
Topics 3

Chair: Jonathan Meyers, and
Amber Cesario
Co-Chair: Abigail Kulhanek
Room Benedum 938A&B
Session B5
Topics 4

Chair: Mark Shearer
Co-Chair: Kelly Donovan
Room Benedum G30
Session B6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 2

Chair: Dustin Schreiber, ,and
Robert Lorence
Co-Chair: Kelly Larson
Room Benedum 1044
Henkelman and Baker

Mlachila and McDonald

Gibson and Tarlo

Siegel and Gramley

Hu and Richard

Barker-English and Canady

Pitts and Brosky

Doyle and Gaines

Cotter and Grice

Ashar and Constantinescu

Sirota and Sauer

McGrogan and Fordyce

Schmidt and Puligilla

Venkatraman and O'Connor

Benda and Lingenfelter

Iyasele and Pinho

Rivers and Neal

Brennan and Greenlee

Bell and Smith

Held and Rivera

Maclin and John

Koniszewski and Bryant

Daniels and Sorick

Quach and DiMattio

Nutter and Rusiewicz

Watson and Van Ness

Zalich and Schleifer

Minjock and Robinson

Bingaman and McFadden

Impellitteri and Misiura

Yocca and Leonatti

Foglio and Bretscher

Collie and Mutschler

Zacher and West

Meeteer and Wells

Misciagna and Rode

Session B7
Topics 4

Chair: David King
Co-Chair: Elinor Lou
Room Benedum 229
Session B8
Topics 5

Chair: Nicholas Andes
Co-Chair: Emily Irwin
Room Benedum 157
Session B9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 3

Chair: Adam Walkowiak
Co-Chair: Matthew Eastburn
Room Benedum G29
Session B10
Civil and Environmental
Topics 4

Chair: Jennifer Nolan-Kremm
Co-Chair: Annalee Woods
Room Benedum 319
Session B11
Topics 2

Chair: Ray Kovacs
Co-Chair: Patrick Lyons
Room Benedum G28
Session B12
Topics 2

Chair: Greg Wunderley
Co-Chair: Alyssa Srock
Room Benedum 1211
Knueppel and Frye

Kreider and Smolik

Fletcher and Carpenter

Ronczka and Klan

Rugh and Rosenfeld

Jeffers and Coulter

Line and Hilfman

Sharma and Komp

Parker and Vinoya

Robinson and Xue

Quiroga and Ryan

Bernard and Berg

Wrzesniewski and Harrison

Urzillo and Robbins

Guiheen and Lettrich

Lombardo and Hennessy

Turner and Huweart

Stayduhar and Fair

McLaughlin and Biernbaum

Hobbs and Howard

Lipsman and Basile

Mallon and Engel

Dobies and Nova Bejarano

Patel and Ramser

Wehner and Moran

Zhao and Liu

Wang and Sosnowski

Taylor and Snyder

Mingey and Hagen

Kavsak and Xu

Rossi and Prough

Rethore and McGonagle

Bracken and Rager

Kline and Kuhn

Vidic and Coles

Nguyen and Morton

Session B13
Topics 7

Chair: Malia Kelsey, and Elmira Mohammadi
Co-Chair: Julie Hartz
Room Benedum G31
Session B14
ENGR 0716 The Art of Making: An Introduction to Hands-On System Design and Engineering
Topics 2

Chair: Joseph Samosky
Room Benedum G34
Lucero and Rams

Zhao and Liang

Penizotto and Cannon

Bryla and Parlato

Blair and Robinson

Ramdass and Hammond

The Ultimate Crutch Kit (TUCK): Making Your Cruches More Comfortable
Audrey Chester, Gabe Detter, Andrew Harman, Matthew Galaydick, Vatsal Patel, McKenzie Sicke, Sid Iyer

Word Glides: Multisensory Learning Device for Dyslexic Children
Emelyn Jaros, Colin Pocock, Lucas Yonda, Jake Mckibbin, Matthew Niedoba, Alban Martinez-Delcayrou

Smart Charger: Promoting Battery Longevity
Dan Godstrey, Jeremy Hopkins, Mohamed Morsy, John Kelly, Matt Rosenblatt, Nolan Zinn, Nick Kshatri

Planned Boredom: A Solution to a Naturally Short Attention Span
Chris Parker, Cian Bourget, Jacob Heilman

AnatoMe: A Better Way to Learn Anatomy
Katherine Stevenson, Katherine Rohde, Jacob Haldeman, Seth So, Nithya Narayanan

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3:45 pm - 4:00 pm

4:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Session C1
Topics 8

Chair: Rick Schaub, and Lindsey Marra
Co-Chair: Natasha Gilbert
Room Benedum 309
Session C2
Topics 9

Chair: Arash Mahboobin
Co-Chair: Jacob Meadows
Room Benedum 320
Session C3
Topics 10

Chair: Nicole McClain, and Christian Ference
Co-Chair: Kyler Madara
Room Benedum 318
Session C4
Topics 5

Chair: Dan Budny, and Alec Kaija 
Co-Chair: Emelyn Haft
Room Benedum 938A&B
Session C5
Topics 6

Chair: David Sanchez
Co-Chair: Harrison Lawson
Room Benedum G30
Session C6
Industrial and Manufacturing
Topics 3

Chair: Kenneth Norris
Co-Chair: Julie Shields
Room Benedum 1044
Pfahles and Fossick

Martin and McFoy

Chalasani and Getahun

Grace Hobayan and Muppidi

Thirukumaran and Naik

Sirkis and Hynes

Humphrey and Jeevan

Sturm and Panic

Banbury and Kumar

Murthy and Tuli

Corrothers and Basir

Li and Weizer

Walter and Schwaba

Tompkins and Cavrak

Albright and Wroge

Ravi and Folkmire

Tighe and Sedlar

Matisko and Pascual

Marsano and Smith

Cover and Kinney

Winner and Yasser

Devine and Trinovitch

Singletary and Sanzo

McKay, Braun, and Cannon

Mosher and Levy

Takac and Rice

Paraskiewicz and Jackson

Mitchell and Winiarczyk

Saraiya and Kenes

Chen and Zheng

Jacobyansky and Altraide

Munsch and Poepoe

Flaherty and Veurink

Timm and Weckesser

McCormick and Greenleaf

Chew and Vezzuto

Winakor and Bidanda

Session C7
Topics 6

Chair: Natasa Vidic, and Marcus Allen
Co-Chair: Daniel Sauder
Room Benedum 229
Session C8
Topics 7

Chair: Jared Andes
Co-Chair: Danielle Broderick
Room Benedum 157
Session C9
Civil and Environmental
Topics 5

Chair: Ben Staud
Co-Chair: Lindsay Pietz
Room Benedum G28
Session C10
Topics 3

Chair: Kevin Shaffer
Co-Chair: Ryan Schwartz
Room Benedum 319
Session C11
Topics 4

Chair: Frank Kremm
Co-Chair: Ryan Becker
Room Benedum G29
Session C12
Topics 3

Chair: Juan Ibarra
Co-Chair: Michelle Banas
Room Benedum 1211
Cobourn and Buescher

Malagari and Mascherino

Shrubb and Spinello

Enzman and McGuire

Ford and Scales

Limpert and Longo


Wilson and Sehne

Barca and Moskal

Davey and Gian

Romac and Rohm

Duerr and Cahalan

Funari and Schiller

DeOre and Juedemann

Stopenski and Curran

Harvey and Emerson

Schorr and Kosky

Eklund and Hodgson

Smetana and Strandquist


Young and Crissinger

Pigoni and Wang

Lasher and LENTZ

Socash and Schippers

Bhatt and Bhatt

Xu and Wang

Gabrin and Saich

Adetayo and Song Lazarchick

Hoffman and Buck

Welling and Oppelt

Sachenik and Kim

Swier and Sugrue

Southwick and Clancy

Gismondi and Wang

Arcudi and Cerep

Greener and Leav

Fox and Fox

Gentile-Manigault and O'Dowd

Hosmer and Fitch

Session C13
Topics 8

Chair: Irene Mena Lora
Co-Chair: Mary Kelly
Room Benedum G31

Gentile and Barber

Gabrin and Fritz

Fry and Movizzo

Goodwin and Minnaugh

Long and Robb

Hunter and Rodriguez

Kisailus and Scott



This paper partially fulfills a writing requirement for First Year (Freshman) Engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering. This paper is a student, not a professional, paper. This paper is based on publicly available information and may not be a complete analyses of all relevant data. If this paper is used for any purpose other than these authors’ partial fulfillment of a writing requirement for First Year (Freshman) Engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering, the user does so at his or her own risk.

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